Nurturing Holiday Cheer: Coping Strategies for Children’s Christmas Anxiety

Childrens Christmas Anxiety

The title might seem unusual since we generally expect children to be thrilled during Christmas. As a mother of two, I’ve noticed my kids’ excitement for the holiday season, but it’s essential to acknowledge that not every child shares this sentiment. While Christmas brings joy, it can also bring heightened stress for some children. In my role as a Clinical Hypnotherapist specialising in child anxiety, I’ve observed common concerns children face during this festive period. Let’s explore these challenges and discuss coping strategies to support parents throughout the season.

Navigating Present Pressures:

Many of us wish we’d chosen the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Engaging in open communication with your child abo...

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How To Overcome Insomnia In 12 Minutes Or Less

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Do you find yourself tossing and turning when you go to bed, unable to fall asleep? Do you wake up in the middle of the night and then spend ages tryingto get back to sleep. Do you often wake up feeling groggy and unrefreshed? Ifso, you’re not alone.

Insomnia is so common, it affects millions of people every night. According to the NHS, it’s a problem that regularly affects around one in three people in the UK.

As a sleep specialist, I know poor sleep is more than just frustrating. It can havea significant impact on both physical and mental health. It can causeheadaches, muscle pain, and other physical symptoms and can lead to fatigue,irritability, and difficulty concentrating during the day.

Long-term sleep deprivation...

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Anxiety? You Don’t Have To Live With It

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety in London

Anyone who has experienced anxiety, or has been close to someone who has, knows how debilitating and destructive it can be.

Some commentators are quick to dismiss anxiety as a ‘modern illness’ and indeed there has been a marked increase in reported anxiety amongst the general public in the last few years, but the truth is it is a difficult condition to live with.

Of course, sometimes anxiety is a perfectly normal and useful way to respond. It is our body’s natural response to a perceived threat. When we are faced with potentially harmful situations it makes sense for our ‘fight or flight’ response to be triggered.

When this happens, cortisol and adrenaline are released into our systems. These cause our heart to beat faster, our b


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You Can’t Control Everything, So Stop Trying

Control Issues

The inarguable truth of life is that there are only three ways that it can impact on you, and that however inclined to control freakery you might or might not be, one of them is completely beyond your control.

There are those things in life that happen as a direct result of your own decisions and actions: if you put your hand into a fire, it will hurt.

There are those things in life that you can influence: you can reduce your driving s


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Don’t Look For Happiness, Look For Relief

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

As humans in a modern and consumer-led society, we spend a lot of our time chasing things we don’t have.

This might be the pursuit of material things that amplify our social status – money, property, a smart car or that holiday in the Seychelles, for example – but they’re often less tangible things such as health and happiness.

Happiness is the biggest dream that humans chase, although in most cases we don’t really understand what happiness looks like or feels like. Often – and wrongly – we seek to define it by our identifiable material achievements.

How often have you said or thought, if I could just earn another £x / buy a bigger h


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Unwrap Your Zen This Christmas

Broken Christmas Ornament

Well done, you made it! To misquote John Lennon, another year over and a new one just about to begin. Now there’s just the tricky issue of Christmas to navigate and it’s plain sailing all the way into 2019, right?

Well, yes – but that’s easier said than done.

Over the last two weeks or so, I’ve seen quite a lot of stuff online about why Christmas is a terrible time of the year.

I don’t know, maybe the mood of the moment is to be fed up with life. I don’t know why that should be the case, and maybe we should blame Brexit for it, since that seems to be responsible for everything else that people perceive to be wrong in life generally these


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The One Thing You Need To Do To Improve Your Life Instantly

Boxing Gloves

Give a man a fish and he’ll feed himself for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll feed himself forever. Or so the saying goes. It’s probably true, but who really knows? Fish can be damned smart. Particularly the ones that have been caught before.

Here’s a saying which I know is absolutely true:

Give someone five minutes with nothing to do but think and they’ll find a way to beat themselves up about something, no matter how small or trivial.

It’s a sentence or thought that starts with the words If only I hadn’t …

… said that, done the other, been mean about Rachel’s new hairst


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This White House Legacy Will Be Felt For Generations. And Not In A Good Way

Shutterstock 1034329486

There are times – many times, in fact – when the current Presidency of the United States feels like a practical joke that has gone spectacularly and tragically wrong.

How we all laughed when he started his run for the White House. How we snickered at the impudence of it all. How we guffawed when he talked about the ‘big, beautiful wall’ he was going to build between the US and Mexico, not realising the punchline was still to come: Mexico would be made to pay for it!

We branded him a clown. But a man in greasepaint driving a small car in circles until the doors fall off is actually funny (unless you suffer from coulrophobia). Watching the doors fall off the supercharged Buick 8 that is


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Why Pretending Is Bad For Your Health

Woman's Head Replaced By A Black Balloon

Last week, TalkRadio presenter and former contestant on ITV’s I’m A Celebrity Iain Lee published a blog which laid bare his struggles with his mental health.

Reading it is a deeply uncomfortable, moving and raw emotional experience and if, like many, you’re someone who is disinclined to have sympathy for well-paid celebrities who seem to have it all, I can’t suggest strongly enough that you take some time to read it.

It will teach you more about what it’s like to live with depression and low-self-esteem than you can possibly imagine.

Iain Lee often polarises opinion. He can be outspoken and provocative. His views and opinions can som


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The Path Is Not The Punishment

Lovcen Mountains National Park At Sunset Montenegro

I have a friend whose favourite theory is that Hell isn’t a place you go to when you die, it’s the place you go to live. And you get to do it over and over again, until you become a decent human being.

He’s fond of arguing that reincarnation is simply the re-taking of life’s exams. Then again, he’s also fond of arguing that the people who learn the fewest lessons in life are destined to live in Middlesbrough, so I’m not sure how much credence we can attach to his ramblings.

But if you ignore the religious context for a moment, there’s something of truth in the notion that life will continue to give you the same lesson until you finally learn it.


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