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    Zoe Clews
    Zoë Clews

    Anxiety, Depression, CPTSD & Trauma Specialist

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    Henry Johnstone

    PTSD, CPTSD, Family Therapy & Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Specialist

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    Francis Currie
    Francis Currie

    Stress, Self-Esteem, Confidence & Performance Specialist and Executive Coach

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    Emma Spiegler

    Love, Relationship & Sexuality Coach

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    Angela Cain
    Angela Cain

    Children & Teenager’s Issues Specialist

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    Andrea Balboni
    Andrea Balboni

    Dating, Sex, Love & Couples Coach

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    Sandy Robson
    Sandy Robson

    Weight Loss, Trauma & Self-Esteem Specialist

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    Paul Gibson
    Paul Gibson

    Medical Hypnosis, Sports Performance, Addiction & Eating Disorders Specialist

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    Kristin Hayward
    Kristin Hayward

    Fertility & Birth Expert

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