Zoë Clews

Zoe Clews

Anxiety, Depression, CPTSD & Trauma Specialist

Hi. I’m Zoë Clews – the founder of Zoë Clews & Associates.

Part of the success we enjoy as therapists is down to trust and the fact that our clients know us well as individuals – so it’s great to have this opportunity to tell you a bit about myself and explain how I believe I can help you.

To start with, I’m a highly qualified hypnotherapist with over 20 years of experience treating a wide range of issues, although I specialise in the fields of hypnotherapy for confidence, self-esteem, anxiety and trauma.

I graduated from the European College of Hypnotherapy in 2002 (I’ve also taught there since graduating), trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming with world-renowned hypnotist Paul McKenna and qualified with the Academy of Hypnotic Arts in both Stage & Practitioner hypnosis.

I feel privileged to have been in a position where my work has allowed me to gain extensive first-hand experience as a practicing hypnotherapist in London – and as a clinical hypnotherapist working for the National Phobics Society, I have had the opportunity to specialise in the treatment of severe anxiety disorders, though I’m a consummate generalist in the sense that I treat a wide range of issues that aren’t always directly related to anxiety.

Some of the disorders that fall within my specialist role at Zoë Clews & Associates include, but aren’t limited to, hypnotherapy for: Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Social Anxiety, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, phobias, performance anxiety and hypnotherapy for CPTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

I have also had over two decades of experience treating all types of adult and childhood trauma [hypnotherapy], helping people to free themselves from the often debilitating symptoms they are experiencing, by working with them to acknowledge the impact of their experiences and then building their capacity to move forward with their lives with increased resolution and freedom.

I was named one of Evening Standards Top 10 Hypnotherapists in London in 2023 and I regularly contribute as an expert to publications including BBC, Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Stylist, Telegraph, The Independent, Metro and many more.  We have also worked with brands such as Specsavers, COPA 90 & The Ministry of Sound

I am passionate and deeply committed to what I do and feel honoured to be able to help people to feel good about themselves through the power of hypnotherapy. Please take the time to read the testimonials you’ll find on the site – they tell our story far better than I can!


Henry Johnstone

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PTSD, CPTSD, Family Therapy & Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Specialist

Hi, I’m Henry Johnstone

Throughout my career, I have come to appreciate hypnotherapy as a secure and potent way to foster enduring and transformative healing as part of ongoing emotional recovery.

My professional journey within the field of self-development spans more than a decade, with a clear focus over the last 5 years on hypnotherapy. I am an experienced and seasoned master FreeMind Rapid Change therapist and hypnotherapist with a passion for what I do.

My decision to build a career that centres on helping others to heal stems from deeply rooted personal experiences and a life marked by avoidance and the masking of my own wounds.

I know, from personal experience, that unresolved anguish, when unaddressed, can lead to unforeseen and unhelpful pathways, including a profound disconnection from oneself.

I believe that everyone has the ability to find their way back from the darkest moments of their emotional journey, and my personal mission is to help you to rediscover life’s richness, and to experience profound internal peace, power, and meaning.

I specialise in helping those I work with to achieve a deep healing of traumatic emotional wounds by acknowledging the profound impact they can have on one’s love for life and self.

My commitment to the work I do is constant, and I feel privileged to be able to dedicate my expertise to a wide range of treatment and therapy areas, including recovery from complex trauma and depression and family therapy.

I’m particularly interested in helping individuals recover from all types of abuse including narcissistic abuse. When you work with me on your healing journey, you’ll benefit from a thorough, tailored approach that aims to create an unshakeable, profound, and safe space for your recovery.

No one should be forced to suffer in silence, and my work is centred on bringing about a meaningful shift in self-love and self-perception by supporting you in addressing your trauma and hidden emotions.

Embarking on the journey of self-discovery and healing is one of the most profound experiences one can undertake. It is my deepest honour to extend this transformative work to you.


Francis Currie

Francis Currie

Stress, Sleep, Public Speaking, & Executive Coaching Specialist

Hi, I’m Francis Currie.

I am a cognitive hypnotherapist and certified coach and I help people achieve their desired results when they feel it’s time for a change.

I first qualified as a practitioner in hypnotherapy in 2003, and later graduated as a cognitive hypnotherapist from the internationally respected Quest Institute.

Hypnotherapy is a safe, fast and effective treatment for a wide range of issues.

As a hypnotherapist I work with clients from all walks of life and with a wide range of individual psychological and emotional issues. My specialist areas include helping people overcome the impact of trauma, anxiety, stress, phobias and unhelpful mental or behavioural habits.

I often work with people looking for help with self-esteem, public speaking, sleep, and confidence issues and it’s remarkable to see how rapidly people make changes in their lives when they are supported with hypnotherapy.

In addition to hypnotherapy, I am also qualified as a Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Timeline Therapy and am a certified coach. This means I can offer a highly effective therapeutic framework to help clients make powerful, positive, personal change.

As a former media executive, I am experienced in working as both a hypnotherapist and coach with high-performance people from the worlds of business, showbiz, media and tech. I help them them overcome legacy issues holding them back, optimise their current performance and unlock their future potential. I also sometimes work with them to take their presentations, performances, and communication skills to the next level.

So, if you’re someone who operates in a high-pressure environment I offer safe, confidential support, and a flexible approach to diary management, to ensure you get the help you need.

Before becoming a hypnotherapist and coach my own corporate career was in media. As a senior executive I led executives, managers, performers and high-profile personalities, and this role was the catalyst for investing in my own professional development, learning advanced techniques to help people create transformational change for themselves. Now in private practice, I bring all this experience to the consulting room.

When it’s time for a change just get in touch and we can talk about your individual situation, what you want, and how I may be able to help.


Emma Spiegler


Love, Relationship & Sexuality Coach

Hi, I’m Emma a Love, Relationship & Sexuality Coach.

My work is necessarily ground-breaking and immersive. I work from a trauma-aware perspective that includes the science of the nervous system and addresses deep-rooted and outdated core beliefs and survival strategies we take on as children or at certain points in adulthood.

These are the beliefs that affect the way we love or don’t love ourselves, the types of dynamics we create or re-create in relationships and how we experience our sexuality and pleasure (or lack of pleasure) in life.

I began my own journey in the field of sexuality and relationships over a decade ago after many years working in the mental health and addiction sectors and my training has led me to study with some of the world’s most inspiring and respected teachers in the areas of love, sex and relationships.

Prior to becoming a coach, I was the Founding CEO of an award-winning charity for 10 years that supported people impacted by a loved one’s substance misuse to drugs and alcohol.

I offer intensive coaching programmes that are 2/4/6 months. The coaching programmes I offer are very different to therapy. Coaching is for you if are ready emotionally, have the time and energy to invest in home practices in between sessions, and you are ready to commit to a deep transformational process.  My results-focused coaching programmes are exclusively tailored to you and your desires and goals around love, relationships, and sexuality. The programmes include powerful audio practices to listen to in between sessions that help you to uncover the core blocks preventing you from addressing your issues from a different perspective.

My coaching sessions are holistic, integrative and sex-positive, viewing you as a whole person and they aim to support you to remember and rediscover the authentic sexuality and natural expression of self-love that predates all the cultural, peer, family and relational conditioning that has happened since.

I’ll guide you in the transformational power of coming out of your mind and into your body and support you to build new patterns of thinking supporting you to increase your self-esteem, feel calmer, improve your relationships and access greater levels of enjoyment and pleasure in all its forms.


Octavia Landy

Octavia Landy

Neurodiversity Coach & Psychotherapist

Hi there! I’m Octavia Landy, an experienced Integrative Psychotherapist and Neurodiversity Coach (Autism coaching and ADHD Coaching).

As a neurodivergent individual diagnosed with ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder, I bring a personal understanding and passion to working with neurodivergent clients. My experiences with grief and addiction recovery allow me to connect deeply with those facing similar challenges. I am equipped to address trauma, addiction, grief, anxiety, depression.

My academic foundation includes a Counselling Diploma and an Advanced Diploma/Masters in Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling from The Minster Centre, London. Before embracing the path of therapy, I spent over 25 years in Television Production. This diverse background equips me with a unique perspective, enhancing my understanding of various life challenges.

I’m intimately familiar with the roads of addiction recovery and bereavement, having walked them myself. My personal transformation through therapy fueled my dedication to talking therapy, recognizing its power in reshaping lives.

Life’s complexities can sometimes be overwhelming. Whether it’s a specific incident or broader feelings of anxiety or depression, particularly in times of global uncertainty, talking therapy can be a beacon. It aids in unearthing deep-seated fears and discovering behavioural or thought patterns. My role is to empathetically listen to your story and guide you towards a firmer sense of self.

I delve into existential themes like belonging, identity, death, and the essence of being. My approach in therapy is exploratory, using our relationship to create a safe, open, and at times, playful environment for self-discovery.

My integrative training blends various psychotherapeutic methods:

  • Humanistic: focusing on the interpersonal relationship.
  • Psychodynamic: emphasising the unconscious and early life.
  • Body: recognizing the physical aspects of emotions and experiences.
  • Transpersonal: exploring beyond the material realm.
  • Existential: examining the totality of human existence.

I practise with a relational foundation, underpinned by empathetic interaction between therapist and client. I engage actively, offering reflections, not just silence. I also consider psychodynamic, object relations, and attachment theories in my assessments, alongside bodywork to understand emotional and physical manifestations.
Our initial session is an assessment to understand your needs and to see if we’re a good match. Based on this, we’ll collaboratively devise a strategy and discuss the frequency and scheduling of our meetings.

Selecting a therapist can be a significant step. I’ve been there too. Finding someone who resonates with you can be transformative. I am registered with BACP (MBACP 388927) and UKCP (2011171748), adhering to their ethical frameworks.

Angela Cain

Angela Cain

Children & Teenager’s Issues Specialist

Hello, I’m Angela Cain and I specialise in helping children between the ages of 5 and 18.

I have more than 20 years’ experience of working with children in many different settings.

I qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist achieving diplomas in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and as a Master of Hypnosis with John Dewar School of Hypnotherapy. I also hold a Diploma in Pre-school Education,

As a mother myself I understand and empathise with all the challenges that parents face in trying to provide their children with a healthy life and keep them safe from physical and emotional harm.

 We all strive to keep our children safe and free from stress, anxiety, danger, and fear. But however much we try to keep them safe, children can often be overwhelmed by the world.

Common behavioural issues such as exam anxiety, driving test anxiety, social anxiety, thumb-sucking, nail-biting, bed-wetting, fears, phobias, and sleep disorders are among those which can be treated using hypnosis with children.

As with adults, children can display stress and anxiety in many different ways – lack of concentration, restless sleep, negative thoughts, physical tics, along with many others, are all common symptoms.

Child anxiety has become increasingly common, particularly during the pandemic, but hypnosis allows the root cause to be found quickly, giving remarkable results, and allowing the child to live the life they deserve to live. 

My treatments are based on a combination of face-to-face and virtual meetings, together with personalised recordings for your child.

I feel privileged to be part of the professional and inspirational team at Zoe Clews & Associates.

My job really is the best job in the world because I can really make a difference!


Andrea Balboni

Andrea Balboni

Dating, Sex, Love & Couples Coach

Hello. I’m Andrea Balboni, a certified Sex, Love & Couples Coach and love being part of the team here at Zoë Clews & Associates.

I specialise in helping couples create a thriving healthy relationship. There is space to experience the safety and security of home and the excitement and adventure of discovery that fires erotic love.

I believe that modern relationships offer us an opportunity to experience love and connection as well as offer a chance for us to heal and to grow. Conflict and challenge can transform into deep connection, understanding and love of another – and also offer valuable insights for a richer self-knowing and awareness within.

In modern love, we ask to be seen, heard, loved and accepted for all of who we are. And the same compassion, empathy and understanding is asked of us by our partners.

This is not always easy. Especially with those we hold closest to us.

Whether you’ve been in partnership for decades or your relationship is just forming, I work with you as a couple (or individually with one partner) to develop clear communication skills for deep understanding, to manage conflict more easily, to rebuild the trust foundational to any relationship; and to connect more in intimacy, to drop more fully into sexuality and sensuality, and to explore your full potential to experience pleasure in sex in new ways.

I came to coaching after many years in corporate and a highly successful career as a design and innovation leader working across continents and cultures. I understand the challenge of balancing the demands of an ambitious career and the intensity of personal relationships.

And despite the fulfillment that success at work can bring, relationships give a deeper meaning to life.

The more I understood this to be true, the more important it became for me to learn how to create the love and healthy partnership that I wanted to have in my life. Sex and sexuality were also very important to me as a form of personal expression and one of the most intimate ways that we can share ourselves with another.

And so began years of personal and then professional study in sexuality and relationships with some of the most renown teachers and thought leaders of today. And as a result, everything that I teach my clients I myself practice in my relationship and as a way of life. I am happiest when I’m living as my truest, most authentic self and can share struggles and triumphs in equal measure with my partner knowing that he’ll support me when he can. And when he can’t, that I’ve got myself covered.

Coaching with me is results-driven. I help you to get you clear on what you want in your relationship, quickly identify what is getting in the way of you having that, and then move you forward to create that unique vision and foster it’s growth and development over time.

Mindset and emotional connection together with what we hold in our physical body all plays a vital part in this. My work is holistic and considers all of you – you’ll learn to be deeply intimate with one another by creating a safe space within which the two of you can be vulnerable and open with one another and support one another whilst learning to take responsibility for your own inner world.

I’d love to speak with you about how I can support you in creating a healthy partnership that feels both nourishing and exciting. And to experience pleasure and sex that is deeply connected and that feeds you body, mind and soul.


Sara-Louise Ackrill

Sara Louise Ackrill Min (1)

Neurodiversity Coach

Hello, I’m Sara, a Neurodiversity therapist and coach here at Zoe Clews and Associates.

Although I knew from the age of 13 that I wanted to be a coach and help others, my early career was spent in the luxury hospitality sector, and the skills I learned in the commercial world back then have definitely been really important in shaping the work I now do as a coachbecause I have lived in the ‘real world’. I trained as a coach for five years and as someone who is autistic with ADHD, the fact I’m able to use my human and professional skills to have such a positive and transformative influence on the lives of people who may be overwhelmed or struggling is hugely rewarding.

My core training was in Psychosynthesis at UK Diploma level (France) and Integrative Counselling at Certificate level (UK). I am currently studying for the post-qualifying Diploma in Clinical and Pastoral Counselling.

I have deliberately chosen to work outside of the traditional therapy model, and the combination of specialist coaching and the broader training. I have acquired have led me to providing specialist mental health support linked to neurodiversity.

I regularly work with people experiencing issues relating to gender and sexuality, financial health, disability, domestic abuse, trauma, disability, autism, employment and in-work support, and entrepreneurship. I also work to support people with physical health conditions, poor self-esteem, and self-confidence issues.

Iinitially left home and education at the age of 16, so I have a particular passion for helping to prepare young people to take advantage of the further and higher education opportunities they have,or to otherwise live independent lives away from home.

If you’re someone who feels they just can’t move beyond the emotional obstacles blocking their path to a richer and more rewarding life, my own lived experiences and my extensive training and experience make me ideally placed to help you to finding your path once again.

I have a background in training within neurodiversity and I have previously written and led trainingfor a CIC in Berkshire.

Away from coaching, I have a passion for a number of neurodiversity-focused projects that I am involved in, including a specialist app, virtual assistant (VA) service, and clothing range.

Having an entrepreneurial instinct means I tend to attract coaching clients who are also entrepreneurs, business owners, creatives, tech-minded people, and public sector leaders.

If you’re looking for help in navigating issues that you know you simply can’t resolve on your own, I’m genuinely looking forward to looking forward to workingwith you. Sometimes we all need an external person to make sense of things.


Sandy Robson

Sandy Robson

Weight Loss, Trauma & Self-Esteem Specialist

I’m Sandy Robson, a fully qualified hypnotherapist, NLP and journey practitioner specialising in weight loss, trauma and self-esteem.

I once read something written by Bruce Lipton in his book, The Biology of Belief, which struck quite a chord with me. He wrote that we live 95% of our lives led by the beliefs of the subconscious mind, and that 70% of those beliefs are negative. The key, he said, to changing our lives is in reprogramming the subconscious. I think that’s quite a powerful and inspiring thought.

My own journey in hypnotherapy began at the Contemporary College of Therapeutic Studies and the Erickson Hypnosis School, London, where I trained. Since graduating, I’ve also become a practitioner of Havening, a therapeutic touch technique developed by two neuroscientists which works to permanently remove the negative effects of trauma from our psyche and our body.

For more than six years I’ve worked with clients on a vast range of issues and I’m particularly passionate about uncovering and releasing negative, disempowering beliefs that, in turn, create challenges and adverse life circumstances.

Trauma and challenging life experiences can often continue to have painful resonance many years after their occurrence and I chose to make this one of my specialist areas. The work I’ve done with people particularly affected by low self-esteem issues as a result of trauma is based on a passionate belief that we all have the innate power to direct the course of our lives; a vast reservoir of resources within the subconscious that can be utilised for our benefit and ultimate freedom.

Together with my hypnotherapy and Havening training, I’ve also studied Inner Child Therapy and this mix of knowledge and expertise provides me with a varied and flexible range of therapies to use and adapt to my many clients.

I’m also the resident weight loss expert, specialising in the Virtual Gastric Band which is a remarkable weight loss programme which uses the power of hypnosis to retrain you to be satiated by smaller amounts of food.

I fundamentally believe in broadening my portfolio of techniques so my clients always get the very best solutions to their challenges and problems. In fact, all my current clients are referrals from positive word-of-mouth – the best recommendation there is!


Paul Gibson

Paul Gibson

Medical Hypnosis, Sports Performance, Addiction & Eating Disorders Specialist

Hi. I’m Paul Gibson and it’s a privilege to be a part of the team here at Zoë Clews & Associates.

My background is in therapy and medical practice and I’m absolutely passionate about what I do. As it says at the top of the page here, my area of expertise is medical hypnosis, sports performance and eating disorders. In short, what that means is that I use the medical knowledge and skills I gained as an experienced dermatology nurse to inform the way therapy can help alleviate common (and not so common) problems.

There’s extensive research to show a clear emotional link to conditions like eczema, IBS, psoriasis, alopecia, allergies and Fibromyalgia. Much of my work – both as a practising therapist and as a visiting lecturer – is to tackle the emotional factors that often trigger those conditions and I’ve seen my clients enjoy tremendous success in their treatment as a result.

For me, my work is all about you, the patient – so I’m always reluctant to talk too much about myself. But I’m a great believer in continuous learning. I have diplomas in, among many others, Psychology, Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills, medical hypnosis, sports hypnosis and the neuroscientific method of Havening and my training has taken me all over the world, learning from some of the world’s best practitioners.

As a sports performance specialist I’ve worked with athletes to help them gain edge over their competition as well as perform optimally. The greatest athletes in the world are at the top of their game because they have the intense focus necessary to succeed. Hypnosis can give an athlete that edge, as well as help them overcome performance anxiety or pre-game jitters. And it’s not just the professionals who can benefit, either – I also really enjoy working with people who enjoy sport as a hobby and are looking to enhance their experience and enjoyment.

Hypnotherapy for eating disorders is a very powerful intervention. I have seen many clients overcome anorexia, bulimia and binge eating by looking at and changing the internal thought / emotional processes that govern the behaviour.

I also treat people with addictions and work with clients to help them realise that addiction isn’t a prison from which there is no escape – that freedom is actually within reach

I believe most of the difficulties we experience are outside of our conscious control and that the real power comes from our subconscious mind. Most therapies around today focus on the conscious mind for change but using hypnosis we can focus on the real issues in the subconscious and allow you to be the person you deserve to be, not a creation from the past, but your choice for the future.

I’d love to hear from you to talk about how I can help you to move forward in your life!


Kristin Hayward

Kristin Hayward

Fertility & Birth Expert

Hello and welcome, I’m Kristin Hayward, the Fertility and Birth expert in the team at Zoe Clews & Associates, and I’m here to support you in whichever way I can.

I’m passionate about helping women and their partners who are finding the journey to parenthood a challenging one that may be punctuated by heartache and the trauma that fertility issues can bring.

Fertility difficulties can often cause feelings of anger, jealousy, inadequacy, guilt and failure over a perceived ‘failure’ to achieve something that seems to come so naturally to others,

however, my unique and highly effective approach, developed over the past 20 years, helps clients to address and change the situation they find themselves in.

As a result, I’ve been privileged to see people turn their lives around, with many women falling pregnant when they least expect it. I work with my clients to build a positive mindset and to create the right environment in which to conceive – and this is a game-changer in both fertility treatment and for natural conception. It’s important to understand that the emotional state of mind will affect the physical body, a positive mindset is therefore vital.

Through my interactive, relaxed, bespoke hypnotherapy sessions it’s possible to retrain your mind to focus on the positive and establish the right emotional environment for conception. Hypnotherapy can empower you to release negatives, let go of fears, accept the situation and feel confident and positive moving forward.

Every client comes with their own worries and issues. Each session is tailored to your individual needs in a professional and comfortable way so that you get the maximum benefit from our work together. All my sessions include guidance on self-help and an mp3 recording to help reinforce your therapy.

I also specialise in pregnancy and birth, supporting women who are finding pregnancy challenging for all sorts of reasons or who have had previous difficult experience.

Everyone expecting a baby will benefit from hypnobirthing for a much easier, safer and more comfortable birth to give their baby the best start in life.

My hypnobirthing classes are a wonderful preparation for birth, teaching highly effective techniques that enable women and couples feel calm, confident, and positive about their birth, wherever, however, and whenever their baby chooses to arrive.

The course is a good mix of theory and practical work with plenty of time to answer your questions. You will learn various self-hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques with partners playing an important role. Releasing any stress and anxiety about birth or parenting is vital. All my courses are accompanied by online resources and continued support if needed.

I’ve been teaching Hypnobirthing for many years and am passionate about helping you achieve an amazing birth experience, feeling confident with effective skills to make your birth experience positive in every way.

Kristin Hayward specialised in fertility, pregnancy and birth after graduating from the Institute of Clinical Hypnosis, London and now works with leading fertility clinics both in London and internationally.