Zoe Clews

My Baba – June 2020

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The Harley Street Edit – May 2020

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Shift London – April 2020

Click here to read Emma, our Love, Relationship & Sexuality Coach's interview on why we call can't stop sexting during quarantine

Metro – Jan 2020

Click here to read about Elaine's amazing work with a little boy's food phobia

Quintessentially – July 2019

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Cycling Weekly – May 2019

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My Baba – April 2019

Click here to read our Baby Sleep Specialist Lucy Barker's tips for successful baby sleep training

My Baba – November 2018

Click here to read ZC&A's Children's Specialist Elaine Hodgins article on how to help your child overcome their fear of the dentist.

E-Harmony TV – November 2018

Click here to watch ZC&A's Relationship Expert Tom Fortes Mayer interview on how our subconscious can sabotage our chances at love

Healthista – October 2018

Click here to read an article by Zoe & Associate Paul Gibson on 'How To Break Up Like A Boss'

E-Harmony TV – September 2018

Click here to watch Zoe's interview for E-Harmony on Dating Burnout

Yours Magazine – July 2018

Click here to read Associate Paul Gibson's weight loss & healthy diet advice

Wellbeing Escapes – May 2018

Click here to read Zoe's article on how mental health issues are often due to lifestyle

Daily Star – January 2018

Click here to read Zoe's comments on the effect that sexbots could have on future generations

Luxury Lifestyle Magazine – Dec 2016

Click here to read about Zoe's work with a journalist looking to lose weight.

Wellbeing Escapes – August 2015

Click here to read Zoë's article on how to transform your mind through hypnotherapy.

She Knows – May 2014 

Click here to read Zoë's article on how hypnotherapy resolves insomnia.

Daily Express – May 2014

Click here to read Zoë's article on Katie Price and love addiction.

Marie Claire Online – April 2014

Click here to read how Zoë and Sandy use rapid-change hypnosis techniques for weight loss and much more.

Health & Fitness Magazine – July 2012

Click here to read Zoë's article on beach-body confidence tips.

Health & Fitness Magazine – June 2012

Click here to read Zoë's article on tips for nervous brides.

Prediction Magazine – December 2010

Click here to read how Zoë helped a journalist with financial issues.

Alpha Female Club – December 2010

Click here to read how Zoë helped a businesswoman overcome her insomnia.

Vogue Beauty Blog – June 2010

Click here to read how Zoë helped a Vogue journalist embrace a healthier lifestyle

Daily Express – April 2010

Click here to read how Zoë helped a woman build her body confidence the natural way.

Spirit & Destiny Magazine – June 2009

Click here to read about Zoë's successful weight loss hypnosis techniques

Elle Magazine – March 2007

Click here to read how Zoë helped enhance a journalists bust size using hypnosis

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