As people it is quite easy for us to create a whole convincing reality in our heads. How do we know the difference between the actual truth and ‘a truth?’ When we experience anxiety, it is relatively simple to respond to that uncomfortable feeling from a negative perspective. By default we automatically go into fear, we convince ourselves that something awful is going to happen, since anxiety was a response to and created from unpleasant past experiences. We will naturally gravitate to our default setting, a defense mechanism that was put in place by our subconscious as a way to keep us safe, that is its job and it will carry out the task at hand regardless.

The subconscious knows nothing about linear time and is still responding to an old ‘threat’ with the same hyper alert response that it used many years ago. That old programme is running in the background, and is creating a reality from ‘a truth’ of how it used to be, as opposed to how we are living now, older and wiser, and hopefully no longer under threat, or in imminent danger. The subconscious is not at all concerned about how safe we are now, all it cares about is the truth and nothing but the truth, so help you! Anxiety can be very unpleasant and challenging, leading to a host of difficult symptoms, like OCD, drug and alcohol addiction. Hypnotherapy for Anxiety can help relieve these symptoms by negotiating with our subconscious Inner Protector that the external threat no longer exists, and thereby convincing it that we are now safe, not only that, but we are no longer in flight or fright response. It can let go and update that anxious reaction to life and its challenges, to more comfortable and harmonious responses that are relative to our present reality, enabling us to live by a new ‘truth’ that fills us with ease and well-being.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety is a game changer. What it won’t do is ‘throw the symptoms out the window’ but rather ‘walk them down the stairs and out the front door.’ It is a gradual process, but a final one. Once the anxiety has started to abate, then we are no longer consumed by those awful OCD tendencies and resulting negative thoughts and feelings. It really is a case of releasing the shackles that have made our minds like a prison and then creating a new reality that is in alignment with our deepest desires. A passive and robotic response to the past is not a life, but an existence and one that is fraught with obstacles. Freedom comes from within, and that is the only freedom that really matters. We are powerless to control how other people in our lives think, feel and behave, in order for us to feel good and to feel safe. However, what we can control is our internal reality, by creating an entirely new truth within our subconscious mind, one that allows us to relax into the flow of life, with confidence, trust, positive expectation and an innate knowing that we deserve to feel good.

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Sandy Robson is a fully qualified Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Accredited Journey Practitioner. Sandy specializes in Self-Esteem and Weight Loss. She helps her clients achieve their weight loss goals by means of the pioneering Virtual Gastric Band. This is a powerful weight loss system, utilizing the concept of a “virtual” gastric band and hypnotherapy, successfully harnessing the power of the subconscious mind to bring about safe, long term results. The Virtual Gastric Band is a long term solution to your weight loss issues and has an impressive 95% success rate! Sandy’s other area of expertise is self esteem. She helps clients re-discover the truth of who they are and their innate potential.