Power is often a misrepresented word. A powerful person is usually defined as someone with money and status who can exert his will and control over others; considered smart, strong, lucky and perhaps more than a little ruthless.

But you can think of Power in two ways: Positional Power & Personal Power.

Positional Power is the authority you wield by virtue of position in an organisation’s structure and hierarchy.

This notion of power is more about what you ‘do’ rather than who you ‘are’. And it’s much more about your perceived power over others than the power you have over yourself.

Personally I’m much more interested in the concept of ‘Personal Power’, which I consider as power over yourself, your actions, your thoughts and your responses.

In contrast to Positional Power, Personal Power is your own skill and ability to influence people and events whether or not you have any formal authority.

So what does Personal Power look and feel like? We’ve probably all met people who exhibit Personal Power, that indefinable but very tangible ‘something’ that comes when someone is wonderfully comfortable in their own skin. Personal Power often exhibits itself as a high level of self-awareness, an easy natural charm and leadership qualities.  But more often than not, its within the individual who has a solid and healthy sense of personal power and has built a life filled with both meaning and purpose.

When embracing the arena of Personal Power in your own life you are able to fully realise your intentions, direct your attention with focus and efficiency and live a life of joy and purpose rather than one of frustration and struggle.

Sounds fantastic right? However, moving into Personal Power is always a work in progress, something that requires dedication and commitment. The good news is that getting your subconscious on side helps rapidly accelerate this process.

The saying ‘you are only as strong as your weakest link’ is especially apt here although we would paraphrase and say ‘ you are only as strong as your weakest part’. It’s difficult, nigh impossible, to feel fully centred in your own power if you are holding onto pains, hurts and resentments from the past. Just as it is very hard to feel good about yourself and who you are, if you are running unhelpful beliefs or adhering to an old subconscious negative self image. Trying to propel yourself forward in life is very tricky indeed when our subconscious limitations – which act like invisible walls – are dictating otherwise.

By clearing and resolving the old paradigm of subconscious fears and limitations you naturally allow yourself to move into your own Personal Power field with a sense of easy, self assured confidence and inner permission to fulfil your potential.  I’ve experienced it, my clients have experienced, and our continuing to, experience it.  What are you waiting for?!

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About Zoë Clews

Zoë Clews is the founder of Zoë Clews & Associates and is one of the most successful and sought-after hypnotherapists working in the UK today. She has spent the last 17 years providing exclusive, highly-effective hypnotherapy treatment to a clientele that includes figures in the public eye, high net worth individuals and professionals at the top of their careers. An expert in all forms of hypnotherapy treatment, Zoë is a specialist in issues relating to anxiety, trauma, self-esteem and confidence. She works with nine Associates who are experts in their own fields and handpicked for their experience and track records of success, providing treatment for an extensive range of conditions that include addiction, weight loss, eating disorders, relationships, love and sex, children’s issues, fertility problems, phobias, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders and sleep issues.  She takes inspiration from her own emotional journey and works with both individuals and blue-chip corporates who want to provide mindfulness support for their people either on a regular or occasional basis, or as part of an employee benefit scheme.