“Whatever the Mind Can Conceive, it Can Achieve.” Napoleon Hill

This is a wonderful quote, and one that might ring true for some and not others. Many of us may want to believe that we can achieve our dreams, but after years of concerted effort could well be airing on the side of despondency, frustration and disappointment. We all have dreams, often big dreams, but may feel deep inside that we don’t have what it takes to reach them, that we lack that magic ingredient that successful people have naturally cultivated.

How many of us have been taught in our younger years to dream big, to go for what we want, to fulfill our deepest desires? Not many. Some of us may have been fortunate enough to have very positive parents, but sadly most of us didn’t, for some this has created more of a legacy, than a life. This is not to caste blame, merely to recognize that our parents were doing the best they could, with what they had been taught. How could it be otherwise? However, that awareness didn’t stop us internalizing everything we experienced at a subconscious level, every word, abusive action, and put down. But the most devastating outcome was that as our mind soaked up all the negativity, this is what ultimately determined our level of self esteem, self worth and self belief. We became a product of our past, now merely existing in this present moment rather than living to the fullness of our true potential. From this place of existing, trying to create a happier and more abundant future will prove very challenging, if not impossible. As Einstein said “The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result.” Using our conscious mind to move forward in life, as we hold deep seated negative self beliefs, is like having your foot pressed firmly on the accelerator of a fast car and the other one on the brake at the same time. Yes, we may have big dreams, but our past experiences will directly determine if we believe in ourselves enough to actually achieve them. In reality, all that really stands between us and our dreams, is us. It has nothing to do with intelligence, education or talent. There are hundreds of inspiring stories of people achieving incredible success in spite of immense odds, simply because they believed they could do it, they were determined and steadfast and refused to let anyone ‘steal their dream.’ They utilised the power of their minds, rather than let their mind and beliefs run their lives by default.

Old beliefs show up in many guises. It could be that we hold onto the belief that we are a victim, immersing ourselves in blame, resentment and anger. We may look at other people and secretly envy their lifestyle, wondering what it is exactly that they have, that we don’t. The only difference that truly exists is the limited programmed belief that exists in our minds, and is not ultimate reality. It seems that Napoleon Hill knew what he was talking about. Our belief system is the main factor that is preventing us from attaining happiness, abundance, joy and peace. When our beliefs are transformed and we reach new increased levels of self esteem, then a new reality is possible and conceivable.

There are three things that need to happen to really move forward and create a happier, fulfilling life. Firstly we need to stop blaming and let go of the past, relinquishing resentment and acceptance of what is.  This is a monumental task for many people and may take determination and Inner Child therapy. Unfortunately there is no ‘pay-off’ from holding onto the past. Once we start to release the old and begin to imagine new possibilities, life will start to feel good. Feeling good and positive, is a million times better than feeling angry and depressed, emotions that do nothing but draw to us experiences that accurately reflect our internal turmoil. Secondly, utilising the immense power of hypnosis to delete and update our old beliefs and replacing them with new ones that are in alignment with our conscious intent. Then thirdly, being absolutely crystal clear about where we are going in life, and what we want to achieve. It is like having a GPS navigations system; two things are needed to get from A to B and that is, acknowledging where we are now, and deciding where we are going. Then input the necessary data with hypnosis, and expect to arrive at the desired destination!  Have a clear vision of what life is going to look like in the future and most importantly, how it is going to feel. When this happens success is assured.

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Sandy Robson is a fully qualified Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Accredited Journey Practitioner. Sandy specializes in Self-Esteem and Weight Loss. She helps her clients achieve their weight loss goals by means of the pioneering Virtual Gastric Band. This is a powerful weight loss system, utilizing the concept of a “virtual” gastric band and hypnotherapy, successfully harnessing the power of the subconscious mind to bring about safe, long term results. The Virtual Gastric Band is a long term solution to your weight loss issues and has an impressive 95% success rate! Sandy’s other area of expertise is self esteem. She helps clients re-discover the truth of who they are and their innate potential.

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