Is that when they start the journey of mindful masturbation, their whole world changes. If you are wondering what on Earth I’m talking about, keep reading, as we are going in!

It’s quite a bold statement, and yet, it’s what I’ve seen over and over again:

Mindful masturbation, or what we can call MM, is the path of growth. 

It’s through becoming mindful and intentional when you masturbate that you turn what can be a habit of getting a quick release into a practice of respect, self-love and personal power. This turning of a habit into a practice is where the gold is. The more you put in, the more you get out.

Put it this way, you highly value developing as a man, showing up for your career, and your business, being the best husband/partner/lover/man you can be, and realising your potential in key areas of your life.

MM is about putting all this effort you give out into the world, and turning it towards yourself. 

Why would you do this? 

Because life can get stressful with all this adulting and responsibility, and MM is one way to feel great. It’s a way to re-energise, much like the image of your phone battery on green, fully charged. It’s from this place of feeling fully charged you shift how you show up in almost, if not every, area of your life. You have more energy at work, you have more patience at home, you get that fantastic business idea on the way to work that’s going to make you more money or save you time. And it’s all because you made the decision to MM.

I’ll explain what I mean by Mindful masturbation.

Firstly, the essence of mindfulness is summarised in a quote from Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD, it is ‘An awareness arising from paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, without judgement.’

This lack of judgement is key. As a man, how many times have you judged yourself, your penis, or body in any way for not being hard when you want it to, for not performing good enough, or not being the size you want it to, or any other ways that you judge yourself. It’s impossible to not have these unrelenting standards around sexual performance because of all the false ideas about how sex should look and feel from most porn and Hollywood movies. In fact, you may not have noticed you were judging yourself at all when you looked down and thought to yourself why I am fully hard, because it’s such an automatic, habitual thought. To be self critical and compare your performance to these ridiculous expectations placed upon men.

The benefits of mindfulness are enormous, it’s the difference between feeling stuck, bored, lethargic and wishing you were somewhere else, to feeling energised, content, inspired and ready to make stuff happen, so that 6 months from now you are proud of what you have achieved. That’s how transformative the practice of mindfulness is. 

Now add masturbation into the mix and you have a practice that gives you a huge ROI (Return on investment) including benefits such as:

  • Feeling super charged with energy
  • Becoming a better lover 
  • Intensifying your pleasureHere’s 3 top tips you can do this Valentine’s day to start your MM practice.

Here’s 3 top tips you can do this Valentine’s day to start your MM practice.

1. Spend at least 15 minutes touching yourself (Slow down your touch by 50%, every couple of minutes pause and notice the sensations such as tingling, warmth, heat in your body)

2. Use skin friendly oil such as coconut oil to touch yourself (Notice how this changes your experience of pleasure)

3. Take at least 10 full deep belly breaths during your MM practice (notice each time you take a deep breath how this impacts your experience of pleasure)

Happy Valentines!