I think we’ve all heard of the term, ‘eyes bigger than your belly’. We observe the mountain of food on our plates and wonder where we are going to put it. Our ‘eyes’ are merely reflecting our head hunger, and have nothing to do with the amount of food we actually need, and what our stomachs have the comfortable capacity to hold.

I know I’ve sat in many restaurants ravenous, waiting for the food to arrive and then practically inhaling it as if at any moment the waiter might come and snatch it away! I would then ignore that evident extremely full-feeling and order dessert, knowing there was not an inch of space left in my already expanded stomach. Followed by guilt, remorse and the determination to never do that again. I’m sure we’ve all been there!

Sometimes it takes feeling that fat and uncomfortable to decide that this is not how you want your relationship with food to be. You don’t want to feel out of control, a slave to your instant desires, wolfing food down as if it’s going out of fashion. You don’t want your ‘eyes’ to have the final say. Feeling in control is infiinitely more satisfying, so that instead of your ‘head hunger’ determining what you put in your body, your stomach does. The wonderful thing about the Hypnotic Virtual Gastric Band is that it convinces your subconscious mind that your stomach has shrunk to the size of a golf ball, and when that happens, your body will be deciding how much food to allow in, allowing your body to regulate itself to health and vitality.

You will lose weight without dieting, as we all know diets do not work and often, have quite the opposite effect, communicating deprivation to your subconscious mind which then rebels with gusto! With the Virtual Gastric Band you won’t be on a diet, as willpower is not required, but a healthy eating regime. You will feel in control, enjoy your food better, feel fuller more quickly and therefore eat more slowly and consciously. You will be able to eat in a restaurant and leave food on your plate (or make better choices). Most importantly of all you won’t be treating that wonderful body of yours as a dustbin, by overloading it with too much food.

What are you waiting for?!

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About Sandy Robson

Sandy Robson is a fully qualified Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Accredited Journey Practitioner. Sandy specializes in Self-Esteem and Weight Loss. She helps her clients achieve their weight loss goals by means of the pioneering Virtual Gastric Band. This is a powerful weight loss system, utilizing the concept of a “virtual” gastric band and hypnotherapy, successfully harnessing the power of the subconscious mind to bring about safe, long term results. The Virtual Gastric Band is a long term solution to your weight loss issues and has an impressive 95% success rate! Sandy’s other area of expertise is self esteem. She helps clients re-discover the truth of who they are and their innate potential.