Hypnotherapy for Sports Performance

We often hear sportsmen and women talk about being ‘in the zone’, but what does that actually mean?

The zone is a highly focused state where nothing else exists other than your singular goal. The 100m sprinter would see the finishing line and nothing else. No other thought is going through their mind other than being first over the finishing line. They can’t hear the crowd of 80,000 people, they can’t see what else is going around them. They’re not aware of the temperature outside of their body. It’s just them, the finish, the zone.

Whether you’re a professional sportsman or a high achieving enthusiast or simply someone who plays regular sport but just wants to be better, you need the level of focus to help you find the zone. Anything less and your competitors will have the edge.

Much research suggests that mental abilities in sports are of greater importance than physical abilities and that makes sense, doesn’t it? It explains why an athlete in peak physical condition suffers an uncharacteristic dip in form: the dip in form comes from psychological negativity or distractions detracting from physical performance.


Using hypnotherapy for sporting performance can mean the difference between winning and losing. Hypnotherapy can give you the mental edge you need to win by focusing your mind and bringing you back into the zone. By allowing you to put aside distractions, winning becomes your only option.

Hypnosis can also help sports people and athletes deal with pain and injuries though teaching techniques that allow minor pain to be put aside for the goal of winning. Relaxation methods can also be particularly helpful when it comes to managing pain, which is a part of most sports.

Hypnosis can also help athletes return to training and competition more quickly, something which can be very important for athletes competing at the highest levels.

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