Hypnosis for Sleep Issues

Recurrent sleep problems can be exhausting, both physically or mentally. Whether it’s insomnia, persistent nightmares, bruxism (commonly known as teeth-grinding) or sleep apnea, the effect of loss of sleep is draining.

Nightmares or sleep disturbances are often caused by underlying psychological issues such as stress and anxiety which then become stuck in the subconscious. This is especially true of nightmares because sleep is like a night-time detox for the mind when unresolved issues come to the surface and intrude in our dreams.

There are other common sleep issues which can have an intrusive effect on our lives.

Restless legs syndrome, a condition that causes an overwhelming, irresistible urge to move the legs can also be accompanied by an unpleasant itchiness. Sleepwalking, which is generally more common in children, can also occur in adults and can be exacerbated by certain medications, stress and alcohol.

Sleep Apnea is a common, usually chronic disorder in which you have one or more pauses in breathing or shallow breaths while you sleep. These can last from a few seconds to minutes, often end with a loud snort or choking sound and may occur 30 times or more an hour. Sleep apnea is a leading cause of excessive daytime sleepiness.

Sleep paralysis is a harmless, but distressing condition, often linked to stress, that can occur when woken during the REM phase of sleep. The sufferer is unable to move their limbs and although this is distressing it is harmless and does wear off. The effects can leave the individual with an anxiety about it happening in the future.

Night terrors is a condition whereby the sufferer experiences extreme confusion and panic. Although they may appear to be awake, they will usually return to sleep fairly quickly and have no recollection of the episode in the morning.


All types of sleep problems respond well to hypnotherapy and our hypnosis for sleep issues treatments gently resolves the underlying causes of the problem you’re experiencing in order to change the patterns your subconscious is running.

Through the use of powerful hypnotic suggestion, we can release you from the issues that are preventing you from getting a full night’s rest and give you nights of pleasant dreams and undisturbed sleep. Get in touch with us today, we are based in Harley Street, London.

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