Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking in London

Hypnotherapy for public speaking is an antidote to the stress, anxiety and pressure that many people feel when they find themselves in a situation that requires them to speak in front of other people.

Fear of public speaking is one of the top three phobias of modern life with a recent survey putting it at number 2 on the list – just behind a fear of heights and just above a fear of snakes.

The fact is, public speaking is now part and parcel of life. Once upon a time public speaking meant standing up and giving a formal address to a gathered audience. But now it applies to just about everything we do in life, both at home, at work and at play.

And just because there are more opportunities for us to speak in public – and a greater expectation for us to perform well when we do – doesn’t mean many of us don’t still get a knot in the pit of our stomach when we have to face it.

Our hypnotherapy for public speaking in London is designed to offer you therapy and coaching to give you the confidence in your own ability. That growth in confidence removes the anxiety and phobic fear that often accompany a public speaking commitment.

The situations in which you might be expected to speak publicly are varied. Some are quite low-key; others come with more pressure or are seen as more important. All of them are capable of giving us sleepless nights and anxious hours or preparation.

Hypnotherapy For Public Speaking At Work


Wherever you are in the professional food chain, you’re going to be called upon to perform some sort of public speaking duty at some point in your career.
Here are some common situations where hypnosis for public speaking can really help you.

Job interviews

If there’s a situation guaranteed to give you anxiety over speaking in public, it’s the dreaded job interview. It’s an hour or more when you will be expected to perform articulately, often in front of complete strangers who are there for one reason, and one reason only: to judge you.


From time to time, we’re called upon to present work to colleagues or managers. For many people, this is a key and frequent part of their day-to-day job – and if it’s a regular part of your role and you also struggle with a public speaking phobia, your life at work can quickly become a nightmare.

If you work at a senior level in an organisation you may have to present business-critical information and strategy at an executive or board level and the pressure to deliver your presentation with authority and confidence can be intense.

Team briefings

Senior managers are often required to lead team or company briefings and having the public speaking skills to convey important messaging and maintain employee confidence and engagement is a wonderful skill to have in your professional toolkit.

Hypnotherapy for public speaking at work is designed to reset your subconscious and turn down your inner critic. Our experienced and expert coaches and therapists use their years of training and practise to work on your self-esteem, enabling you to recognise your own abilities and have confidence and trust in them and in yourself.

Hypnotherapy For Public Speaking Team Briefings


While it’s unlikely you’ll need to draw on your public speaking skills frequently away from work, there are still occasions when you’ll be expected to stand up and ‘say a few words’. For someone with a fear of public speaking, those occasions can be more terrifying than having to perform publicly at work.


Whether you’re a bride, maid of honour, father of the bride, groom or best man, wedding speeches are possibly the ultimate test of anyone’s fear and anxiety around public speaking. There’s enormous pressure to be funny or touching, loving or reverent.

We also put enormous pressure on ourselves to do well, because if everything goes to plan there’s a good chance we’ll only get one shot at it. Our hypnotherapy for public speaking in London will help you to say goodbye to the nervous wreck you expected to be and become a confident speaker who’ll have the wedding guests eating out of the palm of your hand.

After-dinner speeches

Like wedding speeches, the prospect of having to give an after-dinner speech or talk can be a riot of anxiety and stress because the focus of an entire room is on you alone.

Having a great script only goes so far in calming your inner fears – but with our hypnotherapy for public speaking, we can work with you to remove the self-doubt that prevents you from delivering it with flair and confidence.

Hypnotherapy For Public Speaking At Home

Birthdays, retirements, leaving speeches and funerals

All ‘event’ public speaking commitments come with their own pressures. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a few words off-the-cuff at a significant birthday party or a more prepared and solemn eulogy at the funeral of someone close to you, if you have a fear of public speaking, you’ll feel exactly the same sense of dread.

We’ll work with you to conquer the subconscious fears that drive your phobia around public speaking so that whatever event or occasion you’re asked to stand up and speak in front of other people, you’ll have the confidence and self-assurance to deliver it just as you would want to.

We understand that a fear of public speaking can be a crippling barrier to getting the most out of your life professionally and personally.
We also know that the reasons for your phobia are rooted deep in your subconscious and are linked to past events in your life that you may not even be aware of or know about.

The causes of issues around confidence and self-esteem are often to be found in previous negative experiences. We’ll work with you to identify the trigger for your fear of public speaking and then give you the tools to resolve it, building your confidence, self-esteem and self-respect to help you become a confident public speaker.

What is Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking?

Hypnotherapy for public speaking is a specialised approach that addresses the stress, anxiety, and pressure many individuals experience when speaking in front of others. Public speaking is now an integral part of various aspects of life, both personally and professionally. However, the fear of public speaking ranks as one of the top three phobias in modern society, causing significant disruptions and limitations.

Who is Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking for?

Hypnotherapy for public speaking is designed for individuals who struggle with the fear and anxiety associated with speaking in front of others. Whether it’s delivering presentations at work, giving speeches at special events like weddings or funerals, or facing job interviews, this therapeutic intervention helps individuals overcome their phobias and gain confidence in their abilities.

Hypnotherapy For Public Speaking Work

How does Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking Work?

Hypnotherapy for public speaking works by addressing the subconscious fears and beliefs that drive the phobia. Through a deep state of relaxation and guided hypnosis, Individuals can reframe their perception of public speaking, replacing anxiety with confidence. Hypnotherapy helps reset the subconscious mind, enabling individuals to recognise and trust their abilities, boosting self-esteem and self-assurance.

Benefits of Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking

Engaging in hypnotherapy for public speaking offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Confidence and self-assurance: Hypnotherapy helps individuals build confidence and self-assurance, allowing them to face public speaking situations with ease and poise.
  • Overcoming phobia: By addressing the root causes of the fear, individuals can overcome their phobia of public speaking, breaking the cycle of anxiety and avoidance.
  • Improved professional performance: Hypnotherapy enables individuals to excel in their professional life, delivering presentations, interviews, and speeches with authority and clarity.
  • Enhanced personal life: Overcoming the fear of public speaking positively impacts personal life, enabling individuals to participate more confidently in special events and gatherings.
  • Stress reduction: Hypnotherapy reduces stress and anxiety related to public speaking, fostering a sense of calm and relaxation.

ith hypnotherapy for public speaking at Zoe Clews & Associates, individuals can transform their fear into confidence and achieve success in their professional and personal speaking engagements. Our expert hypnotherapists in London use effective techniques to help you confront and conquer your fear of public speaking, empowering you to become a confident and impactful speaker.

With a clinic conveniently based in the heart of Marylebone as well as the option to work online, we’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have about hypnotherapy for phobias.

Feel free to get in touch with us for more information or book a session directly below. You can read our testimonials here.

Public Speaking FAQs

Yes, hypnotherapy can be highly effective in helping individuals overcome public speaking anxiety.
Hypnotherapy addresses the underlying subconscious beliefs and patterns that contribute to public speaking anxiety and helps reframe them for positive change.
Yes, hypnotherapy is generally safe when conducted by a qualified and experienced hypnotherapist.
Hypnotherapy can help individuals reduce anxiety, build confidence, improve presentation skills, and enhance overall public speaking performance.
The number of sessions required can vary depending on the individual's needs and the complexity of the anxiety. Generally, several sessions are recommended for lasting results.
Yes, hypnotherapy can be used in conjunction with other techniques, such as CBT, to enhance the effectiveness of addressing public speaking anxiety.
Yes, hypnotherapy can provide long-term relief by helping individuals develop new patterns of thinking and responding to public speaking situations.
Yes, hypnotherapy can help individuals build confidence, enhance presence, and develop a positive mindset when speaking in public.
Yes, hypnotherapy can help individuals reduce physical symptoms by teaching relaxation techniques and addressing the underlying anxiety.
Yes, hypnotherapy can help individuals address and overcome the emotional impact of traumatic public speaking experiences and develop a more positive outlook.
Potential risks or side effects of hypnotherapy for public speaking anxiety are minimal. However, individuals with certain mental health conditions should consult with a qualified hypnotherapist.
Hypnotherapy helps individuals overcome self-doubt and negative beliefs by accessing the subconscious mind and reinforcing positive beliefs and suggestions.
Yes, hypnotherapy can be helpful in improving speech-related skills by enhancing focus, concentration, and overall vocal confidence.
Yes, hypnotherapy can be effective in addressing specific challenges by providing tailored techniques to address presentation or meeting-related anxiety.
Yes, hypnotherapy can be tailored to enhance public speaking skills for specific contexts, taking into account the unique requirements and challenges of each situation.
Yes, hypnotherapy can help individuals maintain a state of calmness, focus, and centeredness by teaching relaxation techniques and visualization exercises.
Yes, hypnotherapy can be helpful for individuals with social anxiety or shyness by addressing underlying fears and promoting confidence in social settings.
Yes, hypnotherapy can assist in managing pre-performance nerves and stress by teaching relaxation techniques and reframing anxious thoughts.
Yes, hypnotherapy can help individuals improve their delivery style, body language, and stage presence by enhancing confidence and promoting positive self-image.
Yes, hypnotherapy can help individuals address and overcome the fear of public speaking resulting from past negative experiences by reframing those experiences and building resilience.
Yes, hypnotherapy can help individuals build self-esteem, develop a positive self-image, and reinforce self-belief when speaking in public.
Yes, hypnotherapy can be helpful for individuals who struggle with improvisation by promoting a relaxed state and enhancing mental agility and flexibility.
Yes, hypnotherapy can help individuals address specific phobias or fears related to public speaking by desensitizing fearful responses and promoting positive associations.
Hypnotherapy may not be appropriate for individuals with certain mental health conditions or those unwilling to actively participate in the therapeutic process. It is best to consult with a qualified hypnotherapist to determine suitability.

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