Hypnotherapy for Phobias

Anyone who suffers from a phobia knows how debilitating it can be. A phobia is an intense and irrational fear of something, someone, a place or situation which interferes, disrupts and restricts an individual’s life.

It’s essential to treat phobias through professional help because otherwise they are left to grow and gain in power – and when that happens, most phobic sufferers will simply avoid the situations in which they feel anxious.

That’s unhelpful because avoidance then creates a vicious circle in which the fear grows larger in the mind and the phobia becomes more, rather than less, restrictive.


Our hypnotherapy for phobias treatment turns the fear and the resulting behaviour pattern on its head so your phobia becomes a thing of the past. We work to clear the irrational beliefs or perceptions that cause the phobia so that you can be free of fear.

You can find out more about the people we’ve helped to overcome their phobias by reading their testimonials here.

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