Hypnotherapy for OCD

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – or OCD – can be extraordinarily disruptive to the lives of those who suffer with it. An anxiety disorder, it causes intrusive or insistent thoughts which then translate into repetitive behavioural traits which can range from mild to extreme.

Common behaviours can include guarding against danger, continual washing of hands, repeatedly checking doors are locked or appliances haven’t been left switched on and obsessive showering. It can also manifest as constant counting, hoarding or fear of contamination.

Because these behaviours are usually unwanted, they can take up a great deal of time and energy and cause considerable mental distress. People with displaying OCD aren’t always aware of what has caused the condition, but it’s almost certain there will have been an event or experience in the past which created a deep anxiety.

The cause may not be a single or specific event – it could be something as general as a perception that the environment or world isn’t safe in some way – and because the subconscious mind is our inner protector, it creates anxiety – in this case, OCD – to keep us safe.


Our hypnotherapy for OCD works with your subconscious to let it know that the behaviours it is creating are no longer necessary, useful or helpful. Through the gentle clearing of the causative events, beliefs and perceptions that initiated the reaction, we can ‘re-set’ the subconscious to allow you to live your life free from anxiety.

Our sessions also work on a conscious level, literally showing you how to think differently and re-patterning the thought and feeling process at a deep level. Experience has shown us that this approach helps with all patterns of OCD. We are based in Harley Street, London.

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