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Whether you’re looking for more focus and discipline in your day-to-day existence, or you’re aiming to completely transform the way you think about your present and future, a life coach can help you to find the clarity you need to make the changes that are necessary.

Our Life Coaching sessions can help with two areas: the day-to-day challenges that stop you from achieving all that you want to achieve, and the bigger question of making far-reaching transformational change in life.

Focus and Discipline

We probably all have a wishlist of things we’d like to achieve, but life has a habit of getting in the way. There are the unplanned distractions, the practical obligations and commitments that mean it’s difficult to invest in change and the frustrations that life will never go entirely as we might plan.

The result is a sense of being overwhelmed by the scale of what you need to achieve to reach your goal and high levels of frustration and resentment when progress is slow.

Our life coach, Heeral Gudka will help you to establish new habits as well as giving you the tools to focus on tasks which are important to you, but which can be challenging.

We’ll use a unique life coaching system based on the five pillars of clarity, capacity, constraints, contingencies and commitment to show you how to learn what is important, understand and remove obstacles and understand the trade-offs you may need to make to achieve your specific and desired goal.

Transforming your life with the help of our Life Coach in London

Life Coaching In LondonThere comes a time when we all wonder what it is we’re really trying to achieve in life, and for many of us that evolves into a desire to change the path we’re on and pursue new challenges that will give us greater satisfaction.

But transformational change doesn’t just require clarity of where you’re going and what’s important, it also comes with its own stresses and anxiety which are often related to the overwhelming scale of the commitment that’s needed, a lack of quality time to implement a coherent plan and a fear that your new future may not turn out as you imagine.

As a result, we tend to become immersed in a melting pot of feelings and experiences that might include fear, guilt, shame, grief, miscommunication and poor self-image.

Our unique life coaching sessions will look at your life as a whole in six key areas:

  • meeting your basic physical needs, and releasing any fears
  • managing your emotional and creative needs, and releasing any guilt
  • taking actions, defining yourself through them, and releasing any shame
  • building relationships and existing socially, and releasing any sense of loss
  • committing and expressing yourself to others, and releasing any misunderstanding
  • building your overall identity through self-reflection, and releasing unhelpful ideas about yourself

Heeral’s package of life coaching sessions delves deeply into all these areas and to give you the tools and the language to assess what you would like to change, what you want more of and how to achieve it.

If you’re considering a change in your career, come and talk to us to see how Heeral Gudka, a highly respected life coach in London can help you to take the next step with confidence. Please feel free to get in touch with Zoe Clews & Associates for more information. Our clinic is based in Harley Street.

You can read testimonials about our Life Coach, Heeral Gudka on our Praise page.

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