Hypnotherapy for Insomnia

We’ve all been there. The nights when sleep just won’t come or you find yourself waking up in the early hours and you toss and turn, becoming progressively more anxious about whether you’ll ever drop off.

Mercifully, for most of us, these episodes are sporadic, one-off events that come every now and then and disappear for weeks, months or even years. But for others, they can be chronic conditions that happen night after night and have a destructive effect on the individual’s emotional and physical wellbeing.

A good night’s sleep is essential for good emotional and physical health but for so many people bedtime becomes a time of anxiety, stress and even despair.

There are three different types of insomnia: difficulty in getting to sleep in the first place, which is known as primary insomnia; waking up several times in the night and having difficulty dropping back off easily, which is called middle insomnia; and waking up very early and being unable to go back to sleep at all, a condition known as terminal insomnia and one that often occurs at times of stress or depression.

The effects of insomnia aren’t limited to the night-time either. Sufferers report feeling anxious during the day as they worry about the coming night’s sleep and the impact of a bad night’s sleep can leave people feeling exhausted and low on resources the following day.

Many factors can play a part in insomnia: stress, anxiety, hormonal changes, life events and depression can all be triggers for sleeplessness. Doctors may prescribe sleeping pills, but although they may help solve the immediate problem of being unable to sleep, they don’t address the underlying causes of the insomnia and, of course, there’s always the danger of becoming dependent on them.

The fact is, no-one loses the ability to go to sleep – our mind and body know an awful lot about sleep because they’ve been doing it since we were very small. But people can lose touch with their ability to sleep.


Our hypnotherapy for insomnia sessions work at clearing the stress, anxiety and unhelpful patterns that are preventing you from sleeping or having good quality sleep, resolving any underlying emotional issues that may be in play and also reacquaint the subconscious mind with your own innate ability to sleep.

You can learn more about how Zoe Clews & Associates have helped our clients overcome insomnia and have a great night’s sleep by reading their testimonials here.

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