Hypnotherapy for Habits

We’ve all got habits – those idiosyncratic ‘tics’ that have become as much a part of us as our skin and bones. And we all know that our habits are often subconscious and sometimes we’re not even aware we have them.

Some habits are harmless and have no great effect on our lives. But others can be intrusive, unpleasant or socially unacceptable.

But whether you bite your nails, pull your hair or suffer with any other habit you want to break free from, our hypnotherapy for habits is just the thing for you.


Often a single session of suggestive hypnotherapy is enough to stop a habit dead in its tracks. Sometimes, though, there may be tensions and anxieties that are fuelling the habit and it can take a little longer to work a little deeper to clear the triggers that drive it.

But whatever the habit, the good news is you don’t have to live with it for a moment longer.

Hear it from the clients…

” Dear Zoë, Well it’s been three weeks since our session to rid me of my nasty habit and I’m glad to report that so far all is well and it hasn’t reappeared. I must admit that after the session I was not entirely convinced that I’d made any change but I soon began to realise that I was recognising when I was about to pick at my fingers and, on noticing, realised that I had no desire to continue. So, all-in-all I am very pleased with the results and thank you very much.”

—ALAIN, London

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