Hypnosis for Guilt

We’ve all experienced guilt at some point. Sometimes it’s what we term rational guilt, which holds us accountable for our actions and allows us to decide our own moral compass and change our behaviour in a logical, mature and responsible way relative to who we want to be.

In many ways, rational guilt is part of what helps us to shape the people we become and it can be used positively to improve ourselves.

Irrational guilt, however, is more emotionally corrosive and as a result causes the individual the most problems. Long-held irrational guilt is rooted in the past. It resides in our subconscious and becomes the driving force behind self-destructive behaviour.

It has the power to distort both the truth and our true feelings, locking us into the game of self-blame, acting as a defence mechanism against anger, sadness, hurt and pain.

And because guilt craves punishment either of ourselves or others or both, it needs to be resolved.


Our hypnosis for guilt sessions are designed to unlock long-held irrational guilt and resolve the issues from the past that have embedded it in your subconscious. Our treatment allows you to embrace life fully in the here and now and create a future from a new place of freedom.

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