Hypnotherapy for Fertility

The total fertility rate (TFR) for England and Wales decreased from 1.70 children per woman in 2018 to 1.65 children per woman in 2019.*

If you’re receiving fertility treatment or perhaps just starting to investigate why you and a partner are struggling to conceive, you’ll know just how distressing and traumatic it can be.

The impact of not being able to create the small life you long for can be extensive and goes far beyond the biological and physiological questions and concerns you’ll have. There’s also the emotional and mental anguish of coming to terms with infertility.

Many people experience anger and guilt towards partners, family or friends, stress in trying to juggle a demanding job with home life whilst managing the rigid constraints of fertility tests and treatment and, for some, the anxiety that comes from wanting to hide their fertility problems from others.  

Although fertility is usually perceived as a purely medical issue the mind and body are intrinsically linked and enough anecdotal material exists to suggest that psychological issues are, in some cases, a contributing factor to fertility issues.

If you have been diagnosed with medical infertility then it’s vital that you continue to follow the advice of, and treatment recommended by, your medical practitioner. However, if no medical reason has been diagnosed for your fertility issue then the obstacles may be psychological rather than physical. In both cases hypnotherapy will support a couple – making treatment easier, with greater chance of success and creating the optimum environment for natural conception too.

The subconscious mind can play a vital role in either assisting or resisting conception and because the subconscious mind doesn’t understand or work to linear time, it can take a while for it to synchronise with your psychological or emotional state.

For example, many women spend much of their younger lives actively trying not to get pregnant. When that changes, and pregnancy becomes a goal, the subconscious mind, for so long conditioned to avoidance, can need time to play catch-up.

But there are often also additional subconscious conflicts that need to be resolved before conceiving, which is why our Hypnotherapy for Fertility sessions are so beneficial – especially as it’s estimated that up to 17% of couples will suffer from psychogenic infertility.

How Hypnotherapy for Fertility issues can help

Hypnotherapy is a gentle, natural and safe therapy which, combined with various self-help techniques, can help in many different ways.

In our Hypnotherapy for Fertility sessions, our fertility expert, Kristin Hayward, works with you to explore possible reasons that may lie behind the issues you’re experiencing. Kristin uses proven techniques that will enable you to release stress, reframe beliefs and create a positive approach to your preparation for a baby.

Many women have negative beliefs regarding pregnancy and birth, in many cases carried from childhood and where this is the case, we work to replace those beliefs with a more positive view of conception and birth using suggestions and visualisations that are often rejected at a conscious level.

We can clear teenage fears about pregnancy and where appropriate resolve emotional issues and events from the past, such as terminations or miscarriages.

Our treatments also use hypnotic suggestion to prepare and optimise the body for pregnancy and we teach relaxation techniques to support conception. Working on self-esteem and confidence to maintain positivity and to create a ‘receptive’ state for conception is vital.

Powerful physical and mental changes can occur after only a few sessions as we reduce stress and allow you to focus on what is positive – something that’s particularly  beneficial for unexplained infertility.

This can also increase the chances of successful IVF, IUI or other treatment. Kristin has helped many couples undergoing fertility treatment, some who have quickly become pregnant, others who are still on their journey. Couples benefit in different ways but perhaps the best is that they can learn how to love life again, often with wonderful results.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool in aiding fertility and the overall purpose of the hypnotherapy for fertility treatment we offer is to align the conscious and subconscious, ready for conception.


Hear it from our clients…

“I cannot express what a support she has been through out this incredible journey. Initially helping me to overcome my anxiety about trying to conceive and working together helped me overcome some very deep rooted fears in a really safe and gentle environment.

During my pregnancy with Zoë’s  help I have become increasingly connected to my baby, really strengthening our  bond and making me feel excited and confident about imminent motherhood and birth!

It may sound strange but I feel my baby has  really benefitted and enjoyed this space and time out just the two of us.”

—MANDY, Highgate
*Ons.gov.uk. 2021. Live births – Office for National Statistics. [online] Available at: <https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/livebirths> [Accessed 25 August 2021].

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