Executive Coaching

In life, success never comes as standard. Usually, it’s something we have to work at and every now and then we need a little helping hand to unlock the characteristics and attributes that often contribute most to achieving our goals.

Executive Coaching has become increasingly popular in recent years with some of the most well-known and highest performing figures in global business – from Apple co-founder Steve Jobs to former Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg and Google’s Eric Schmidt – having worked one-to-one with an executive coach to optimise their performance and success.

Executive Coaching is no longer the preserve of the business elite. Today it helps thousands of executives, entrepreneurs and individuals in business fast-track their development, both in their careers and other areas of their lives.

And there are plenty of independent studies that show executive coaching delivers an average return on investment of above 600% – rising to almost 800% in some individual cases.


Our Hypnotherapy and Executive Coaching is designed to help you access and unlock your hidden talents, character traits and soft skills to optimise your performance in all areas of your life.

People typically invest in Executive Coaching and Cognitive Hypnotherapy when they know it is time for a change.

For example, they might want help to:

  • Prepare for a role or career change, or joining the board
  • Find methods to manage stress, change, conflict or crisis
  • Overcome mental or emotional patterns that are holding them back
  • Enhance personal impact and performance
  • Identify solutions to specific work- and home-related issues
  • Improve personal learning and development
  • Work with a guide to achieve results more quickly and effectively

When combined with Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Executive Coaching becomes an even more powerful tool for rapid results and powerful positive change.

By engaging the power of the subconscious, hypnotherapy can help people let go of the things holding them back, manage their mental and emotional states more confidently, and get maximum momentum behind their priorities and purpose.


Francis specialises in helping people find clarity from within, overcome challenges with their own solutions, and ultimately achieve their own professional and personal goals on their own terms.

His work aims to help you to make profound and lasting shifts in their lives through a thought-provoking and creative process.

By building a strong rapport with his clients, Francis takes on the role of raising the deeper questions you may not otherwise ask yourself, helping you to become more aware of your core values, driving motivations and self-limiting factors and challenging you to question the “story” you’ve told and sold to yourself.

When you feel it’s time for a change, use the button below to book your executive coaching. It is available online, or in-person at our consulting rooms in Harley Street, London.


Hear it from our clients…

“Francis is a first-rate coach.

He facilitates real insight and manages to be available for his clients, regardless of his busy schedule.

Making everyone feel special is a real gift; Francis has that gift.”


“I did a short burst of coaching with Francis when there was the possibility of a step up in my career. I wasn’t sure how to prepare myself and even if I had what the new, more senior post required.

 Francis gave me clarity and blew away those cobwebs of self-doubt that we all have. I approached the selection process with more confidence and was successful. Now in post, I often refer back to what we discussed when I need a small internal fist bump.

 Through the process, he showed me that the answers we need are generally within, and how to dig into our own resources when needed. The time I spent with him has proven to be very valuable.”


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