Hypnosis for Children’s Issues in London

This page contains information about the treatments we provide for children between the ages of two and 18. Please note that an adult must be present in any session involving a child under the age of 18.

Medical hypnosis is NOT a substitute for medical care but can help and support during or following medical treatment. In certain circumstances, we may require written permission from your child’s medical practitioner before we are able to provide treatment ourselves.


We all want our children to be healthy, both physically and emotionally, but the truth is that sometimes we forget that the business of growing and learning is hard for a child. This vast world we live in might be a huge adventure playground in some respects, but in others it’s a scary place full of stress, danger and fear.

As adults, we look at children through the knowledge we have gained over years of experience and we think of our offspring in the context of being carefree. We don’t see the world through their eyes because we’ve been conditioned to see it in a different and more mature way.

That inevitable loss of empathy means we’re not then equipped to understand the internal stress of growing that a child feels – stress that manifests itself in all sorts of common tics and patterns and behaviours, most of which our children will grow out of as we get older, just as we ourselves did.

Not all instances of what we might describe as challenging behaviour are indicative of an underlying issue requiring treatment and many common children’s problems, which might start as a small fear or phobia, resolve themselves in time as they mature and become more attuned to their social environment.

But if left untreated, may develop into more serious or entrenched behaviour and may include habits that may be antisocial or harmful. In some, but by no means all, cases behaviour which becomes more persistent or pronounced over time may well suggest a more deep-rooted psychological issue requiring resolution.

Even more serious or entrenched behaviours can be relatively easily resolved using a form of hypnosis and cognitive behavioural therapy.

Common behavioural issues such as bed-wetting, stool-holding, head-banging, tantrums, selective eating (picky eating) and sleep disorders, nail biting, thumb-sucking, fears and phobias are among those which can be treated using hypnosis with children and we also have experience of working with children with Aspergers, autism, dyslexia and other development conditions.

At Zoë Clews & Associates we also provide hypnotherapy treatment for children with Neuro Developmental Delay (NDD). All of us are born with primitive reflexes – rooting, sucking and swallowing – which are vital for survival. But as we grow and develop, these give way to more adult reflexes forming the foundations of unconscious, automatic balance control, posture and movement.

NDD is a condition which results from the late development of those adult reflexes and this impacts on elements of our physical, cognitive, behavioural, emotional and social development.

Neuro Developmental Therapy (NDT) is a non-invasive, drug free therapy that helps to identify and treat any developmental delays, symptoms of which might include anger, difficulties learning, balance, co-ordination, spatial awareness, sleeping problems, inability to sit still, difficulty making friends and social interaction.

We know that we can often be extraordinarily hard on ourselves when it comes to how we judge our parenting skills. For many parents, simply acknowledging and accepting that their child has an issue which we don’t have the ability to resolve ourselves is very often the hardest step of all to take.

That’s why our sessions are also designed to work with you as a parent in order to give you the tools and knowledge you need to support your child through a period of emotional transition. Together, we work at finding the causes of deep-seated unwanted behaviours and help you and your child to free yourselves from a negative cycle of behaviour so you can enjoy life.


Our fun hypnosis sessions for common children’s issues are designed to be enjoyed by your child and often they won’t even realise they’re being treated. The treatment is gentle and sensitive and designed with your child in mind.

If you’ve come to us because you have reason to believe your child may have NDD, you’ll be asked to complete a questionnaire and at your first consultation we’ll review your answers and complete a number of simple yet effective tests that allow us to build an individually-tailored programme for your child’s recovery.

Every programme consists of a movement and balance exercise programme which is followed at home for ten minutes a day and is reviewed and adapted every 8 weeks. Your child will be expected to attend six review sessions.

In our experience the improvements in balance, co-ordination, spatial awareness and general behaviour are amazing.

Please feel free to get in touch with us for further information about our hypnosis for children’s issues in London. We are based in Harley Street, London.

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