Break Up and Divorce Coaching

Breakups and divorce are challenging for most people. But, for some of us, they are particularly difficult, especially if they re-trigger early life trauma involving abandonment, loss, or fractured parental relationships.

At times such as these, and thanks to the way we’re wired mentally, the unconscious mind finds it hard to separate childhood trauma from present-day challenges, and this can cause a tidal wave of difficult feelings, which can be distressingly intense.

A breakup or divorce can also leave us in a shame cycle where we feel we should be coping better but privately struggle to do so.

Our breakup and divorce coaching in London is a highly effective way of unpicking and addressing negative thought patterns and beliefs that erode self-esteem and self-confidence and prevent us from moving on.

What is Break Up and Divorce Coaching?

Breakup and divorce coaching is designed to instantly build a robust supportive framework that fully supports you through the process of parting – from emotional disentanglement to physical separation, and financial independence – and then allows you to heal fast.

This is a powerful process which provides an opportunity to process grief and anger in a safe space. Goal setting is an essential part of our breakup and divorce coaching here at Zoe Clews & Associates, giving both you and your coach clarity on where you want to be at the end of your journey.

How does Breakup and Divorce Coaching Work?

At the start of your coaching journey with us we’ll talk through the issues you’re facing, get a clear picture of what you want to achieve, and then set some achievable goals to get you moving forward.

Everyone’s breakup and divorce experience is different, and so we’ll create an exclusive treatment and coaching plan that’s tailored specifically to you.

We’ll re-evaluate past behaviours, explore attachment styles and work on mindset in order to deal with negative beliefs and perceptions and process painful feelings. Through confidence-building techniques, we’ll strengthen your emotional boundaries and begin planning for a fabulous new life full of opportunity.

who is Breakup and Divorce Coaching For?

Breakup and divorce coaching is suitable for anyone who’s struggling to come to terms with a breakup or divorce and wants to feel better fast.

If you recognise that you’re overwhelmed, or simply feeling stuck in a dark place, you’re not alone – the breakup and divorce coaching we offer at Zoe Clews & Associates is highly effective at helping to speed up the recovery process and quickly increase confidence and motivation levels.

If you have been affected by divorce or the breakup of a relationship in your early life, we’ll use these experiences to gain insights into how they have informed the attachment choices you have made in adult life – allowing you to change the self-defeating behaviour for good.

It’s vital that you and your coach are able to work through heartbreak properly because emotions can often be stored in a way that prevents growth.

As you near the end of your journey with your breakup and divorce coach, you’ll create a clear and inspirational way forward to a future that is full of promise and opportunities for growth.

Break Up And Divorce Coaching

What are the benefits of Breakup and Divorce Coaching?

There are many benefits that come from breakup and divorce coaching. These include:

  • Getting perspective on the breakup or divorce
  • Expert relationship advice
  • Setting goals to shift you to an abundance mindset
  • Grief and trauma relief
  • Family of origin mapping to help address early-life intimacy patterns
  • Banishing limiting values and beliefs
  • Improved confidence and self-esteem
  • Having a tailored plan for a fulfilling new life

If you’d like to book a coaching session with our breakup and dating coach, Andrea Balboni, please use the online booking portal. Alternatively, please get in touch if you’d like to find out more about how our coaching for breakup and divorce can help you to move forward.

With a clinic based in Marylebone as well as the option to work online, we’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have about hypnotherapy for addiction Please book below or get in touch with us for more information. You can read our testimonials here.

Break Up and Divorce Coaching FAQs

Divorce and breakup coaching is a specialised form of coaching that provides emotional support and guidance to individuals navigating the challenges of separation, divorce, or the end of a significant relationship.
While therapy focuses on healing past wounds and emotional processing, coaching is forward-focused, helping clients set goals, make decisions, and create a plan for their post-divorce lives.
Yes, divorce and breakup coaching can assist you in processing emotions, providing coping strategies, and supporting your emotional well-being during this challenging time.
Yes, divorce and breakup coaching can benefit individuals ending a marriage or any significant romantic relationship.
While coaching is not legal or financial advice, coaches can provide resources and support to help you understand your options and make informed decisions.
Yes, divorce and breakup coaching can offer communication strategies to facilitate a more amicable and productive relationship with your ex-partner.
Coaching can assist you in rediscovering your strengths, values, and personal goals, fostering self-confidence and a renewed sense of self.
Yes, divorce and breakup coaching can provide strategies for effective co-parenting and managing conflicts to create a supportive environment for children.
Yes, divorce and breakup coaching can support you in setting and attaining personal and professional goals to create a fulfilling post-divorce life.
Yes, divorce and breakup coaching can provide coping techniques and stress management tools to navigate the emotional challenges of the process.
Yes, divorce and breakup coaching can help you find closure by processing emotions and reframing your perspective to create a new beginning.
Yes, divorce and breakup coaching can guide you in fostering meaningful connections and building a support network for this new phase of life.
Yes, divorce and breakup coaching can provide guidance in setting and maintaining healthy boundaries for improved well-being.
Yes, divorce and breakup coaching can offer techniques to process and manage negative emotions, leading to emotional healing.
Yes, divorce and breakup coaching can provide tools to foster a collaborative co-parenting relationship for the well-being of your children.
Yes, divorce and breakup coaching can assist you in processing grief and loss, supporting emotional healing and growth.
While not providing financial advice, divorce and breakup coaching can help you set financial goals and develop strategies for financial independence.
Yes, divorce and breakup coaching can support you in managing fear and uncertainty by focusing on positive possibilities and building resilience.
Yes, divorce and breakup coaching can provide communication techniques that promote healthy relationships with potential new partners.
Yes, divorce and breakup coaching can assist you in recognising patterns and making conscious choices to break negative cycles.
Yes, divorce and breakup coaching can offer support and resources to help you manage the practical aspects of this transition.
Yes, divorce and breakup coaching can emphasise the importance of self-care and well-being to facilitate healing and personal growth.
Yes, divorce and breakup coaching can aid you in clarifying your values and priorities to establish healthier relationships in the future.
Yes, divorce and breakup coaching can work on cultivating a positive mindset to embrace new opportunities and possibilities.
While coaching can complement therapy, it focuses on goal-setting and action steps, while therapy delves deeper into emotional healing.

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