Hypnotherapy for Blushing

Blushing is often a learned physical response to a particular type of situation, often one in which we feel awkward or embarrassed. Usually, it’s triggered by something external and in that sense blushing is no different from any other learned response – for example, jumping involuntarily when we’re startled by something.

In many cases problems with blushing can be traced back to a specific trigger – often an event or incident. For example, you may have been a shy child and felt embarrassed when asked a difficult question by a teacher. Perhaps you blushed and the teacher moved on to someone else.

Although, in the example above, blushing achieved a positive result, the subconscious mind can have a tendency to hold on to early responses and will duplicate them in similar situations – and this is when blushing can become an unwanted habit.


Since blushing is a subconscious response over which we have little direct control, we use hypnosis to clear the original event which triggered the reaction. This helps you to let go of the belief or response that the unconscious constructed at the time and prevent it from repeatedly occurring.

But we also use hypnosis to programme new, positive reactions to the external triggers that caused the problem to begin with – making blushing a thing of the past.

Our hypnotherapy for blushing sessions also work with you to make you feel more comfortable in the types of situations where you were previously prone to flush, helping you to build confidence, assertiveness and self-esteem so you feel less vulnerable and self-conscious on a day-to-day level.

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