Baby Sleep Training in London

Anyone who has children knows the misery that endless nights of sleeplessness or broken sleep can bring – which is why our baby sleep training in London is a must for any sleep-deprived new parent.

Sleep is intrinsic to our mental and physical health, which means it’s as important that the little people in our lives get the right amount of sleep as it is that we do. Unfortunately, sleep can be in pretty short supply for everyone when there’s a toddler or new baby in the house.

Some little ones sleep really easily, but a lot don’t. That’s because sleep is a skill and, just like maths or riding a bike, some children need a bit more help to learn it.

But teaching them can be tough which is why it’s so easy when the chips are down and the hour is long, to retreat into an unhelpful routine to just get some sleep. Things like feeding or rocking every time they wake leads to ingrained behaviours that make it even harder for your child to sleep alone and without help.

Lucy Barker is our respected Baby Sleep Consultant and uses her extensive skills and work as a highly qualified baby sleep specialist and the personal experience and empathy gained as a formerly sleep-deprived mum of two to bring nighttime harmony into the home.

It’s hard enough raising a family with all the attendant anxieties, stress and worry that can bring, but lack of sleep can have a debilitating effect on our mental and physical health, leaving us less able to cope with the pressures of juggling a busy life at home and at work.

Sleep deprivation can also inhibit your child’s mental and physical development, making them less receptive to their new environment and the lessons that each day brings.  Resolving sleep issues early in our children’s lives and teaching them how to be self-sufficient when they go to bed works for everyone.

Baby Sleep Consultant in LondonHow our baby sleep training sessions in London can help

We work with children from 18 weeks through to toddlers and younger children. Whether you’re the parents of a child who’s never slept through the night, looking for a bit of help to get your child to settle when they first go to bed or trying to deal with repeated broken nights, every sleep plan is tailored to the specific needs of the family we’re working with.

Lucy’s record is enviable, helping mums and dads everywhere to put an end to night-waking so that everyone in the household gets the sleep they need to deal with the challenges the dawn brings.

With one-to-one coaching, a personalised sleep plan, daily online and telephone support and bolt-on sessions, our baby sleep training in London gives you everything you need to bring peace and quiet when you need it most.

Please feel free to get in touch with Zoe Clews and Associates for more information about our baby sleep training. Our clinic is based in Harley Street, London. You can read testimonials about Lucy, our baby sleep consultant here.

Hear it from the clients…

The whole family was exhausted.
A friend recommended contacting Lucy. I also emailed a few other sleep support websites at the same time, but the email I received from Lucy confirmed I was going with the right company. It was supportive, friendly and reassuring.
Our first telephone conversation was like talking to an old friend. Lucy could not have been more friendly and comforting.
By the second night of putting in to place the suggestions from Lucy we had a 2year old that was self settling and sleeping through the night. By the end of the week we had a boy who would go to sleep on his own, stay in his bed all night and sleep the whole night.
The support, guidance and care Lucy gave us has changed our lives. Could not recommend her highly enough. Miracle worker!!


First of all, thanks to Lucy my little girl now sleeps in her own bed. Yes own bed all night until her clock goes orange at 6.45am!
Bella struggled to self settle at 2y4m for 4 months. I tried everything: cry it out (hated it, lasted one night) stay with, she sleeps with us, everything! I was at the end of my patience and luckily my friend recommended Lucy! She has been utterly amazing! She’s been with us the whole way and that’s what’s helped me stay consistent and strong. She’s answered every worry and question I’ve had and given me all the advice and support I’ve needed. She’s helped me turn an exhausted, grumpy little girl into her bubbly, playful and bursting with energy self again!
I can’t thank Lucy enough for all her help, advice and support. I would totally recommend her to anyone who has a child with sleep deprivation or problems.


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