Hypnotherapy for Addiction

Addictions can differ enormously. From alcohol and drug dependence to process addictions such as addiction to love, work, gambling or pornography. In fact, we can become addicted to just about anything if it helps us to avoid painful or uncomfortable feelings or prevents us from being with our ‘self’.

Many people suffering from dependency desperately want to get off the treadmill of addiction and live normal, healthy and happy lives. But it’s easy to say and want but often not at all easy to do.


With addictions, hypnotherapy can be a process of gradual improvement and is a very helpful support to a 12 step recovery programme, a programme which here at Zoë Clews & Associates we respect and hold in very high regard.

There’s often a certain amount of repetition and persistence necessary in order to be effective in working with substance and other addictions since there may be changes in the way your brain functions and in your body chemistry.

Behind addiction often lurks shock and trauma as well as specific – and sometimes very old – specific negative events that have created a split within the relationship with yourself.

Addiction serves as a way of numbing yourself from these unconscious feelings and here at Zoë Clews & Associates we ensure that we create a safe space for you to work through these unconscious feelings, release the pain and negative self-belief that often accompanies them and as a result erode the addictive drive and behaviours.

That also means neutralising some of the positive feelings associated with addiction, such as the highs – which are inevitably followed by lows – and working to help you value who you are so there’s less need to escape through the false solace addiction offers.

Hypnotherapy has been shown to make a positive contribution to ending addiction and works especially well as part of a combined approach to the problem using a recognised recovery programme where you can benefit from additional personal support.

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