Welcome to my page! I’m Tom Fortes-Mayer and it’s great to be able to take this opportunity to explain a bit more about who I am and what I do as part of the Zoë Clews & Associates team.

I’m a graduate of the highly-acclaimed London College of Clinical Hypnosis and have also trained Gestalt counselling, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprogramming) and Emotional Freedom Technique – a relatively new and fast-developing technique in the field of energy psychology.

As a highly experienced hypnotherapist, hypnotherapy trainer, author and international speaker,  I’ve been helping free people from limiting self-belief, negative repetitive behaviour and habits to live with more peace, power and purpose since 2000.

 I’ve been privileged to have been able to work with celebrities, top business people and world class athletes and I’ve travelled all over the world to work in a wide range of different environments – from giving anti-corruption training in Nigeria to delivering emotional intelligence training in prisons.

 Here at Zoë Clews and Associates, I’m known as the Happiness Expert. My book, The Freemind Experience – The Three Pillars to Happiness, is dedicated to helping enjoy their lives more and I particularly specialise in helping people access and enhance their inner creativity, whether for business, creative projects or simply in everyday life.

 I’m equally passionate about working with clients on all aspects of relationships from clients experiencing heartbreak due to a divorce or the end of a relationship to clients who are involuntarily single, people already in relationships who may be struggling with jealousy or intimacy issues to couples experiencing difficult issues – or simply those that would like to have a much better relationship with themselves.

I’m also the sleep and insomnia expert, dealing with all aspects of sleep issues including but not limited to insomnia, nightmares sleep paralysis, sleep apnea and night terrors – helping to reacquaint your subconscious mind with it’s natural and innate ability to sleep deeply and well again.

I’d love to hear from you if you’re experiencing a problem that you just can’t resolve yourself and chat about the ways I might be able to help you get the inner peace you want.