Hello, I’m Sara, a Neurodiversity therapist and coach here at Zoe Clews and Associates.

Although I knew from the age of 13 that I wanted to be a coach and help others, my early career was spent in the luxury hospitality sector, and the skills I learned in the commercial world back then have definitely been really important in shaping the work I now do as a coachbecause I have lived in the ‘real world’. I trained as a coach for five years and as someone who is autistic with ADHD, the fact I’m able to use my human and professional skills to have such a positive and transformative influence on the lives of people who may be overwhelmed or struggling is hugely rewarding.

My core training was in Psychosynthesis at UK Diploma level (France) and Integrative Counselling at Certificate level (UK). I am currently studying for the post-qualifying Diploma in Clinical and Pastoral Counselling.

I have deliberately chosen to work outside of the traditional therapy model, and the combination of specialist coaching and the broader training. I have acquired have led me to providing specialist mental health support linked to neurodiversity.

I regularly work with people experiencing issues relating to gender and sexuality, financial health, disability, domestic abuse, trauma, disability, autism, employment and in-work support, and entrepreneurship. I also work to support people with physical health conditions, poor self-esteem, and self-confidence issues.

Iinitially left home and education at the age of 16, so I have a particular passion for helping to prepare young people to take advantage of the further and higher education opportunities they have,or to otherwise live independent lives away from home.

If you’re someone who feels they just can’t move beyond the emotional obstacles blocking their path to a richer and more rewarding life, my own lived experiences and my extensive training and experience make me ideally placed to help you to finding your path once again.

I have a background in training within neurodiversity and I have previously written and led trainingfor a CIC in Berkshire.

Away from coaching, I have a passion for a number of neurodiversity-focused projects that I am involved in, including a specialist app, virtual assistant (VA) service, and clothing range.

Having an entrepreneurial instinct means I tend to attract coaching clients who are also entrepreneurs, business owners, creatives, tech-minded people, and public sector leaders.

If you’re looking for help in navigating issues that you know you simply can’t resolve on your own, I’m genuinely looking forward to looking forward to workingwith you. Sometimes we all need an external person to make sense of things.