Hi there! I’m Octavia Landy, an experienced Integrative Psychotherapist and Neurodiversity Coach (Autism coaching and ADHD Coaching).

As a neurodivergent individual diagnosed with ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder, I bring a personal understanding and passion to working with neurodivergent clients. My experiences with grief and addiction recovery allow me to connect deeply with those facing similar challenges. I am equipped to address trauma, addiction, grief, anxiety, depression.

My academic foundation includes a Counselling Diploma and an Advanced Diploma/Masters in Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling from The Minster Centre, London. Before embracing the path of therapy, I spent over 25 years in Television Production. This diverse background equips me with a unique perspective, enhancing my understanding of various life challenges.

I’m intimately familiar with the roads of addiction recovery and bereavement, having walked them myself. My personal transformation through therapy fueled my dedication to talking therapy, recognizing its power in reshaping lives.

Life’s complexities can sometimes be overwhelming. Whether it’s a specific incident or broader feelings of anxiety or depression, particularly in times of global uncertainty, talking therapy can be a beacon. It aids in unearthing deep-seated fears and discovering behavioural or thought patterns. My role is to empathetically listen to your story and guide you towards a firmer sense of self.

I delve into existential themes like belonging, identity, death, and the essence of being. My approach in therapy is exploratory, using our relationship to create a safe, open, and at times, playful environment for self-discovery.

My integrative training blends various psychotherapeutic methods:

  • Humanistic: focusing on the interpersonal relationship.
  • Psychodynamic: emphasising the unconscious and early life.
  • Body: recognizing the physical aspects of emotions and experiences.
  • Transpersonal: exploring beyond the material realm.
  • Existential: examining the totality of human existence.

I practise with a relational foundation, underpinned by empathetic interaction between therapist and client. I engage actively, offering reflections, not just silence. I also consider psychodynamic, object relations, and attachment theories in my assessments, alongside bodywork to understand emotional and physical manifestations.
Our initial session is an assessment to understand your needs and to see if we’re a good match. Based on this, we’ll collaboratively devise a strategy and discuss the frequency and scheduling of our meetings.

Selecting a therapist can be a significant step. I’ve been there too. Finding someone who resonates with you can be transformative. I am registered with BACP (MBACP 388927) and UKCP (2011171748), adhering to their ethical frameworks.

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