I’m Lucy Barker and I’m a certified baby sleep specialist, infant & child sleep consultant and mum to two small children.

I’m passionate about sleep. It’s key to our development and our sanity. Sleep deprivation isn’t a joke, I know because I’ve been there (a sleep consultant changed our lives when she helped me to get my two children sleeping after months of nightly tag-teaming) and I know how isolating and debilitating it is trying to survive on a few hours of sleep when work is looming.

But I also now know how incredible it feels to come out the other side. I trained with The Sleep Nanny, Lucy Shrimpton, one of the UK’s leading infant and child sleep experts, and I work with families from all over the world, successfully turning exhausted, seemingly snooze-resistant little ones into champion sleepers.

Teaching your child to sleep can be tough, but I bring my extensive experience as a consultant and my empathy and understanding as a formerly sleep-deprived mum to every single family I work with so that you never feel like you’re going through it alone.

I work with children from 18 weeks, but I have to confess that I particularly enjoy the challenge of a cheeky toddler. I see a lot of sleep issues crop up when a child turns one and while these children can be quite noisy in the process, once they’re sleeping well, you’ve got a child who’ll sleep well forever!

Sleep is a learned skill and lots of children need to be taught how to self-settle at bedtime and during those natural night-wakings we all encounter.

The methods I use are proven, and every sleep plan I develop is tailored to the family I’m working with – no two children are the same, so there really is no single approach that’s going to work for everyone.

I love seeing sleep-deprived parents start to smile again, but the change in their children is the most inspiring – when I sleep trained my toddler (which is how I came to this incredible profession in the first place) the reduction in tantrums was life changing for us all!

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About Zoë Clews

Zoë Clews is the founder of Zoë Clews & Associates and is one of the most successful and sought-after hypnotherapists working in the UK today. She has spent the last 17 years providing exclusive, highly-effective hypnotherapy treatment to a clientele that includes figures in the public eye, high net worth individuals and professionals at the top of their careers. An expert in all forms of hypnotherapy treatment, Zoë is a specialist in issues relating to anxiety, trauma, self-esteem and confidence. She works with nine Associates who are experts in their own fields and handpicked for their experience and track records of success, providing treatment for an extensive range of conditions that include addiction, weight loss, eating disorders, relationships, love and sex, children’s issues, fertility problems, phobias, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders and sleep issues.  She takes inspiration from her own emotional journey and works with both individuals and blue-chip corporates who want to provide mindfulness support for their people either on a regular or occasional basis, or as part of an employee benefit scheme.