Hi, Iโ€™m Henry Johnstone

Throughout my career, I have come to appreciate hypnotherapy as a secure and potent way to foster enduring and transformative healing as part of ongoing emotional recovery.

My professional journey within the field of self-development spans more than a decade, with a clear focus over the last 5 years on hypnotherapy. I am an experienced and seasoned master FreeMind Rapid Change therapist and hypnotherapist with a passion for what I do.

My decision to build a career that centres on helping others to heal stems from deeply rooted personal experiences and a life marked by avoidance and the masking of my own wounds.

I know, from personal experience, that unresolved anguish, when unaddressed, can lead to unforeseen and unhelpful pathways, including a profound disconnection from oneself.

I believe that everyone has the ability to find their way back from the darkest moments of their emotional journey, and my personal mission is to help you to rediscover lifeโ€™s richness, and to experience profound internal peace, power, and meaning.

I specialise in helping those I work with to achieve a deep healing of traumatic emotional wounds by acknowledging the profound impact they can have on oneโ€™s love for life and self.

My commitment to the work I do is constant, and I feel privileged to be able to dedicate my expertise to a wide range of treatment and therapy areas, including recovery from complex trauma and depression and family therapy.

Iโ€™m particularly interested in helping individuals recover from all types of abuse including narcissistic abuse. When you work with me on your healing journey, youโ€™ll benefit from a thorough, tailored approach that aims to create an unshakeable, profound, and safe space for your recovery.

No one should be forced to suffer in silence, and my work is centred on bringing about a meaningful shift in self-love and self-perception by supporting you in addressing your trauma and hidden emotions.

Embarking on the journey of self-discovery and healing is one of the most profound experiences one can undertake. It is my deepest honour to extend this transformative work to you.


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