Hi, I’m Emilija Marčinskaitė and I’m working with Zoe and her team of associates, helping to manage the busy clinic here in Harley Street.

During my time as a psychology undergraduate at Leeds University I developed a keen passion and interest in hypnotherapy, therapy and coaching, and it’s a privilege to be working alongside the team at Zoe Clews & Associates to help ensure our clients receive the very best care experience.

My role within the team gives me the opportunity to use the knowledge and skills I’ve gained over time to develop my knowledge of the hypnotherapy, therapy and coaching sector and to make a contribution to the continued success of the practice.

I’m a strong advocate of the healing power of hypnotherapy, therapy and coaching and believe that it not only plays a key role in helping the subconscious mind to heal, but also offers more choice for people looking for alternative ways to address the challenges they face in life.

I’m looking forward to being part of the warm welcome our clients receive when they visit the clinic for treatment or contact us to explore their care and coaching options.

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