Hello. I’m Andrea Balboni, a certified Sex, Love & Couples Coach and love being part of the team here at Zoë Clews & Associates.

I specialise in helping couples create a thriving healthy relationship. There is space to experience the safety and security of home and the excitement and adventure of discovery that fires erotic love.

I believe that modern relationships offer us an opportunity to experience love and connection as well as offer a chance for us to heal and to grow. Conflict and challenge can transform into deep connection, understanding and love of another – and also offer valuable insights for a richer self-knowing and awareness within.

In modern love, we ask to be seen, heard, loved and accepted for all of who we are. And the same compassion, empathy and understanding is asked of us by our partners.

This is not always easy. Especially with those we hold closest to us.

Whether you’ve been in partnership for decades or your relationship is just forming, I work with you as a couple (or individually with one partner) to develop clear communication skills for deep understanding, to manage conflict more easily, to rebuild the trust foundational to any relationship; and to connect more in intimacy, to drop more fully into sexuality and sensuality, and to explore your full potential to experience pleasure in sex in new ways.

I came to coaching after many years in corporate and a highly successful career as a design and innovation leader working across continents and cultures. I understand the challenge of balancing the demands of an ambitious career and the intensity of personal relationships.

And despite the fulfillment that success at work can bring, relationships give a deeper meaning to life.

The more I understood this to be true, the more important it became for me to learn how to create the love and healthy partnership that I wanted to have in my life. Sex and sexuality were also very important to me as a form of personal expression and one of the most intimate ways that we can share ourselves with another.

And so began years of personal and then professional study in sexuality and relationships with some of the most renown teachers and thought leaders of today. And as a result, everything that I teach my clients I myself practice in my relationship and as a way of life. I am happiest when I’m living as my truest, most authentic self and can share struggles and triumphs in equal measure with my partner knowing that he’ll support me when he can. And when he can’t, that I’ve got myself covered.

Coaching with me is results-driven. I help you to get you clear on what you want in your relationship, quickly identify what is getting in the way of you having that, and then move you forward to create that unique vision and foster it’s growth and development over time.

Mindset and emotional connection together with what we hold in our physical body all plays a vital part in this. My work is holistic and considers all of you – you’ll learn to be deeply intimate with one another by creating a safe space within which the two of you can be vulnerable and open with one another and support one another whilst learning to take responsibility for your own inner world.

I’d love to speak with you about how I can support you in creating a healthy partnership that feels both nourishing and exciting. And to experience pleasure and sex that is deeply connected and that feeds you body, mind and soul.

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