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You have selected the Feel Good Programme (Silver Membership) membership level.

Our unique first-tier subscription package gives you access to weekly 90-minute programmes hosted by our highly experienced team of experts: Zoe Clews, Sandy Robson and Emma Spiegler.

This programme arms you with the knowledge confidence you need to build and develop your resilience, empowers you to embrace the challenges you face and get on with life with renewed energy and reduced anxiety.

It’s an interactive and dynamic session that builds on the Discovery Programme to reinforce and layer new skills, coping mechanisms and self-help through engaging and immersive exercises, Q&A sessions and group hypnosis.

When you sign up for our Silver membership you’ll:

  • Learn how to read your own red flags
  • Understand the trauma stress states of fight, flight, freeze and fawn, how we react when we’re in them and why we shouldn’t make decisions when we’re in them (unless your circumstances are life-threatening)
  • Learn how to get out of these trauma stress states
  • Learn to recognise your personal triggers and why Covid-19, relationships and other life challenges activate them
  • Receive a ‘grab bag’ packed with go-to techniques, tools and tips to prevent these states from keeping you stuck in ‘On’ (anxiety, rage etc.) or ‘Off’ (apathy, depression and despair)

All our membership packages include coaching, hypnosis and self-hypnosis tips.

The price for membership is £21.50 per Month.

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