Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Most of us have battled with our weight at some point or another. For many people, though, food is the ‘drug’ they choose in a quite different battle – one which involves subconscious issues arising from a past event or experience.

We have all sorts of names and labels for this – comfort eating, emotional eating among them – but in the end people who want to lose weight but find it difficult to stop overeating are usually subconsciously compensating for something else.

As children we’re given all sorts of messages about food and the older we are, the less nutritionally-informed they’re likely to be – how many of us, for example, were told we had to finish everything on our plate before we were allowed to leave the table or have dessert?

Still more were told we needed to eat for our growing bones. Others had a parent who was continually on a diet or a friend or family member who made jibes about their weight.

The underlying feelings we’re trying to calm or avoid are rarely recognised but are instead experienced as an illogical and subconscious need to eat even when not hungry and emotional need to eat is strengthened by stress or boredom.

Interestingly, while emotional eating can be triggered by negative messages or experiences, it can also be caused by positive feelings too – such as success and achievement, falling in love, excitement. In this regard, food is both comfort and reward.

Often accompanied by yo-yo dieting, each cycle can become progressively worse and if it hasn’t changed on its own by now, it’s unlikely to in the future and it’s time to do something about it.


Zoe Clews & Associates have enjoyed great success working with clients battling weight loss issues. We use the revolutionary new weight loss system – the Virtual Gastric Band, which works just like the real gastric band, but without the surgery, scars and terrible hospital food!

By using our hypnotherapy for weight loss treatment in London and looking at the full picture of issues that lie behind your weight issues, we believe we can help you to make significant permanent changes to heal your relationship with food.

You can find out more about the people we’ve helped to successfully lose weight with hypnotherapy and keep it off by reading their testimonials here.

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