Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

We know how miserable it is to suffer from anxiety, that state of always feeling on edge or panicked, unable to relax or rationalise how you feel. It’s debilitating and destabilising – but the good news is we can help.

Anxiety is the manifestation of our subconscious mind going into protection mode. Anxiety is the physical alarm bell our automatic nervous system uses to warn us about, and prepare us for, dangerous situations. Put another way, anxiety is the body’s way of keeping us safe.

When something – a situation or a thought – triggers our nervous system, it immediately kickstarts a physical ‘fight or flight’ reaction which prompts us to make a decision either to face the danger or to flee from it.

Anxiety symptoms are varied. At their mildest, we might experience butterflies in the stomach. But more severe symptoms can include shaking, a racing heart, hot flushes, chest pains, breathlessness, dizziness, pins and needles and a sensation of feeling ‘unreal’ in the company of others.

Though often very intense, these symptoms are completely harmless and are actually part of our genetic instinct for self-preservation.

Severe anxiety issues occur when we become fearful of the anxiety itself. This can trigger a vicious circle where the fear of anxiety leads to more intense physical symptoms, creating more fear and progressively more acute bodily reactions. And in the process, the brain comes to accept this elevated state of anxiety as normal and as a result the sufferer experiences regular or constantly high levels of anxiety.


Hypnotherapy for anxiety works by effectively re-setting your anxiety level to ‘healthy’. It clears your subconscious of the negative or unhealthy beliefs that drive your anxiety state and thoughts and instils calm and relaxation and a future indifference to the situations or experiences that, until now, have been triggering your anxiety.

You can read more about how Zoe Clews & Associates have helped other clients overcome anxiety by reading their testimonials here.

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